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          MANNY PACQUIAO 41 fights on 34 boxing DVDs
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MANNY PACQUIAO  41 fights on 34 boxing DVDS
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Manny Pacquiao 41 Career Boxing Fights Plus Early Highlights On 34 DVDs With  Motion Menus
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Manny Pacquiao vs early highlights
Manny Pacquiao vs Chockvivat
Manny Pacquiao vs Sasakul
Manny Pacquiao vs Makelin
Manny Pacquiao vs Mira
Fights Boxing DVD 12
Manny Pacquiao vs De La Hoya 24/7
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Fights Boxing DVD 25
Manny Pacquiao vs Marquez IV 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Manny Pacquiao vs Terao
Manny Pacquiao vs Senrima
Manny Pacquiao vs 3K Battery
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Manny Pacquiao vs Barrera
Manny Pacquiao vs Marquez
Fights Boxing DVD 21
Manny Pacquiao vs Marquez III 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 17
Manny Pacquiao vs Margarito 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Manny Pacquiao vs Sanchez
Manny Pacquiao vs Julio
Manny Pacquiao vs Rakkiatgym
Manny Pacquiao vs Yeshmangbetov
Manny Pacquiao vs Lucero
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Manny Pacquiao vs Singsurat
Manny Pacquiao vs Barotillo
Manny Pacquiao vs Chae
Manny Pacquiao vs Hussein
Manny Pacquiao vs Ledwaba
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Manny Pacquiao vs Morales II
Manny Pacquiao vs Larios
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Manny Pacquiao vs Marquez II
Fights Boxing DVD 15
Manny Pacquiao vs Hatton
Fights Boxing DVD 23
Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley I 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 19
Manny Pacquiao vs Mosley 24/7
Emmanuel "Manny" Dapidran Pacquiao (born December 18, 1978), is a Filipino world champion professional boxer. At 32 he was elected to the Philippine House of Representatives. He has also been involved in basketball, acting, and singing.
He is the first and only eight-division world champion, in which he has won ten world titles, as well as the first to win the lineal championship in four different weight classes. According to Forbes, he was the 2nd highest paid athlete in the world as of 2015.
He was named "Fighter of the Decade" for the 2000s (decade) by the Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA), World Boxing Councel (WBC) and World Boxing Organization (WBO). He is also a three-time The Ring and BWAA "Fighter of the Year," winning the award in 2006, 2008, and 2009, and the Best Fighter Espy Award in 2009 and 2011.
He is currently ranked number eight on the Ring and the longest reigning top-10 on the pound-for-pound list. BoxRec ranks him as the greatest Filipino fighter of all-time. He was long rated as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world by some sporting news and boxing websites, including ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Sporting Life, Yahoo Sports, About.com, BoxRec and The Ring from his climb to Lightweight until his losses in 2012.
Early and personal life
Pacquiao was born on December 17,1978, in Kibawe, Bukidnon, Philippines. He is the son of Rosalio Pacquiao and Dionesia Dapidran-Pacquiao. His parents separated when he was in sixth grade, after his mother discovered that his father was living with another woman. He is the fourth among six siblings.
Pacquiao completed his elementary education at Saavedra Saway Elementary School in General Santos City, but dropped out of high school due to extreme poverty. He left his home at age 14 because his mother, who had six children, was not making enough money to support her family.
In February 2007 he took, and passed, a high school equivalency exam making him eligible for college education. He was awarded with a high school diploma by the Department of Education. Pacquiao enrolled for a college degree in business management at Nortre Dame of Dadiangas University (NDDU) in his hometown in General Santos City.
Amateur Career
At the age of 14, Pacquiao moved to Manila and lived for a time on the streets. He started boxing and made the Philippine national amateur boxing team where his room and board were paid for by the government. Pacquiao reportedly had an amateur record of 64 fights (60-4).
Professional career
Light flyweight
In 1995, the death of a young aspiring boxer and close friend, Eugene Barutag, spurred the young Pacquiao to pursue a professional boxing career. Pacquiao started his professional boxing career when he was just 16 years old, stood at 4' 11" and weighted 98 pounds (7 pounds under the minimumweight division). He admitted before American media that he put weights in his pockets to make the 105 pound weight limit. His early light flyweight division fights took place in small local venues and were shown on Vintage Sports' Blow by Blow, an evening boxing show. His professional debut was a four round bout against Edmund "Enting" Ignacio, on January 22, 1995, which Pacquiao won via decision, becoming an instant star of the program.
Fights Boxing DVD 33
Manny Pacquiao vs Mayweather Jr.
Fights Boxing DVD 26
Manny Pacquiao vs Marquez IV
Fights Boxing DVD 27
Manny Pacquiao vs Rios 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 28
Manny Pacquiao vs Rios
Fights Boxing DVD 29
Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley II 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 30
Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley II
Fights Boxing DVD 31
Manny Pacquiao vs Algieri 24/7
Manny Pacquiao vs Algieri
Fights Boxing DVD 32
Manny Pacquiao vs Mayweather Jr.: All Access
Fights Boxing DVD 24
Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley I
Fights Boxing DVD 22
Manny Pacquiao vs Marquez III
Fights Boxing DVD 20
Manny Pacquiao vs Mosley
Fights Boxing DVD 18
Manny Pacquiao vs Margarito
Fights Boxing DVD 16
Manny Pacquiao vs Clottey Countdown To
Manny Pacquiao vs Clottey
Fights Boxing DVD 13
Manny Pacquiao vs De La Hoya
Fights Boxing DVD 14
Manny Pacquiao vs Hatton 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Manny Pacquiao vs D. Diaz
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Manny Pacquiao vs Barrera II
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Manny Pacquiao vs Morales III
Manny Pacquiao vs Solis
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Manny Pacquiao vs Morales I
Manny Pacquiao vs Velazquez
Fights Boxing DVD 34
Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley III: Legacy On The Line
Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley III: Under The Lights
Manny Pacquiao vs Bradley III