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Fernando Vargas 29 Career Boxing Fights On 9 DVDs With Menus
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         FERNANDO VARGAS 29 fights on 9 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Fernando Vargas vs Mitchem (AM)
Fernando Vargas vs Jones (AM)
Fernando Vargas vs Coley (AM)
Fernando Vargas vs Morales
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FERNANDO VARGAS 29 fights on 9 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 9
Fernando Vargas: Countdown To Mayorga
Fernando Vargas vs Mayorga
Fernando Vargas vs Lopez
Fernando Vargas vs Payne
Fernando Vargas vs Quiroga
Fernando Vargas vs Connolly
Fernando Vargas vs Ellis
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Fernando Vargas vs Johnson
Fernando Vargas vs Stephens
Fernando Vargas vs Maciunski
Fernando Vargas vs Campas
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Fernando Vargas vs Clarke
Fernando Vargas vs Marquez
Fernando Vargas vs Wright
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Fernando Vargas vs Quartey
Fernando Vargas vs Thompson
Fernando Vargas vs Trinidad
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Fernando Vargas vs Rivera
Fernando Vargas vs Flores
Fernando Vargas vs De La Hoya
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Fernando Vargas vs Vanderpool
Fernando Vargas vs Marshall
Fernando Vargas vs Joval
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Fernando Vargas vs Castillejo
Fernando Vargas vs Mosley I
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Fernando Vargas vs Mosley II
Fernando Javier Vargas (born december 7, 1977) is a retired American Boxer of Mexican descent and two-time world champion, who won a bronze medal as an amateur at the 1995 Pan American Games in Mar del Plata. His nicknames include "Ferocious", "The Aztec Warrior" and "El Feroz". Vargas was the youngest fighter to become world light middleweight champion at 21 years old in the history of boxing.
Some of Fernando's notable wins include victories over former world champions Raul Marquez, Yori Boy Campas, Ike Quartey, and over Winky Wright. His losses to Oscar De La Hoya, Felix Trinidad, Shane Mosley, and Ricardo Mayorga remain his only career defeats and he is a favorite of American cable TV giant HBO. He's also known for having problems with alcohol (and to a certain extent, drugs) which have been thought to have affected his career at times.
Fernando is very food friends with Julio Cesar Chavez, Chavez has been part of Vargas' ring entourage in at least two fights (the fight with Trinidad and the fight with De La Hoya). Chavez was also present when Vargas proposed to his wife (and mother of his 3 boys and 1 girl) Martha Lopez Vargas.
Amateur career
In his youth Vargas Compiled a remarkable amateur record of 100-5. In 1992, he won the 132 lb. championships at the Junior Olympics Box-Offs, and came in second at the Junior Olympics. In 1993, he captured the triple crown of amateur boxing: the Junior Olympics Box-Offs, the Junior Olympics, and the Junior Olympics International tournament. The following year he solidified his position as one of the premier amateur fighters in the world by winning the 132 lb gold medal at the Olympic Festival, seizing the U.S. Junior Championships at 132 lb, and by becoming the youngest fighter ever to win the U.S. Championships. In 1995, he was selected to the 1996 U.S. Olympic Team.
Vargas lost a controversial decision in the second round of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. He was scheduled to turn pro on November 1996, however, while training for his debut bout he broke his right hand. Eager to turn pro and begin his march toward a world championship, Vargas "ferociously" followed his physical therapy program, and within five months he was ready for his professional debut.
Professional career
In his professional debut on March 25, 1997, Vargas crushed Jorge Morales in just 56 seconds. He quickly beat his next five opponents, spending only eight rounds in his first six bouts. By the time of his first world championship he won all his 14 bouts by knockout. He won his first world title in 1998, knocking out Yori Boy Campas in seven rounds for the IBF light middleweight championship. Vargas successfully defended the title throughout 1999, with victories over Howard Clarke (TKO 4), Raul Marquez (TKO 11), Winky Wright (MD 12), and Ike Quartey (UD 12).
Trinidad vs Vargas
Vargas lost the title to Felix Trinidad in 2000. Vargas was knocked down twice in the first round, he was able to fight his way back by knocking down Trinidad in the fourth round until finally being knocked out in the 12th and final round.
Legal troubles
In 2001 Vargas was sentenced to 90 days in House Arrest stemming from a 1999 assault charge. Vargas and four friends were originally charged with assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit a crime stemming from a July 25, 1999 altercation at a Summerland California home. The defendants were accused of assaulting Doug Rossi, 23, who had broken up a fight between Vargas and a female friend's ex-boyfriend.
De La Hoya vs Vargas
On September 14, 2002, Vargas surrendered his WBA title to Oscar De La Hoya in a historical light middleweight championship unification showdown that filled the Mandalay Bay events Center to capacity and sold approximately one million pay-per-view buys.