Ricardo Mayorga 13 Career Boxing Fights On 7 DVDs With Menus
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Ricardo Mayorga is known as "El Matador" for his incredible power, knockout record, and having one of the best chins in the boxing industry. Mayorga enjoys lighting up a cigar every time he wins a fight and who is a confessed smoker of two packs of cigarettes a day when he is not doing his boxing training. He also likes to stick his chin out for his opponents to hit him. He never went down using this maneuver but many people believe he does this to intimidate the other boxer to thinking Mayorga will never go down no matter what they do. 
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Fights Boxing DVD 1
Ricardo Mayorga vs Cruz
Ricardo Mayorga vs Lewis I
Ricardo Mayorga vs Lewis II
Ricardo Mayorga vs Forrest I
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RICARDO MAYORGA 13 fights on 7 boxing DVDS
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        RICARDO MAYORGA 13 fights on 7 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Ricardo Mayorga vs Cotto
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Ricardo Mayorga vs Forrest II
Ricardo Mayorga vs Spinks
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Ricardo Mayorga vs Mitchell
Ricardo Mayorga vs Trinidad
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Ricardo Mayorga vs Piccirillo
Ricardo Mayorga vs De La Hoya
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Ricardo Mayorga: Countdown To Vargas
Ricardo Mayorga vs Vargas
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Ricardo Mayorga vs Mosley
Ricardo Antonio Mayorga Perez (born October 3, 1973), best known as Ricardo Mayorga, is a Nicaraguan professional boxer and mixed martial artist. In boxing he is a former unified WBA and WBC welterwight champion, and a former WBC light middleweight champion. Mayorga first became well-known to boxing fans upon being featured on the cover of The Ring magazine's December 2003 issue, which read "The craziest man in the sport: Mayorga lights up boxing." He has since maintained this infamous reputation with his relentless trash-talk in the build-up to most of his fights, as well as his smoking and drinking habits outside the ring.
Professional career
Mayorga began his professional career on September 29, 1983, against Humberto Aranda. Mayorga was outweighed by sixteen pounds (140 to 156), and lost by a sixth round technical knockout. Undeterred, Mayorga would win his next eight fights, all by knockout, until suffering two consecutive decision losses against comparatively insignificant opposition. Five more victories, again all by knockout, would follow until an accidental head butt against Diosbelys Hurtado led to a second round technical draw. Mayorga would follow the bout up with nine more wins until another unintentional head butt would lead to a no contest against Andrew Lewis. In a rematch held eight months later, Mayorga would stop Lewis in the fifth round, leading to the largest fight of his career at that point.
Mayorga vs Forrest I & II
On January 25, 2003, Mayorga would face veteran champion Vernon Forrest for the WBC and WBA welterweight titles. Mayorga was regarded as a substantial underdog, and few gave him a chance to win against the vastly bigger and more experienced (at the elite level) Forrest. Mayorga would shock the world when he dominated Forrest en route to stopping him in the third round. Forrest was knocked down in the first and third round (having previously never been off his feet in either his amateur or professional career), and following the second knockdown the referee stopped the contest, protecting a visibly dazed Forrest from further punishment.
Forrest and Mayorga would rematch six months later in a far more closely contested bout. The more technically proficient Forrest managed to protect himself against Mayorga's heavier punches, keeping the rounds close. Mayorga would go on to win a close majority decision.
Mayorga vs Mosley II
Mayorga decided to make a comeback as a boxer and won two fights in 2014, after over three and a half years since losing to Miguel Cotto. He was then scheduled to rematch Shane Mosley in a fight on pay-per-view at The Forum located in Inglewood, California on August 29, 2015. Mosley would again defeat Mayorga, this time by KO in the sixth round.
Life after boxing
In the aftermath of his loss to the aforementioned Cotto, Mayorga went on record to state that he doesn't entirely dismiss the possibility of a comeback. Sources close to him predicted that he would return to the sport to face Antonio Margarito in a bout that would've supposedly been dubbed: "When villains collide", with the winner earning themselves one final shot at being able to resurrect their career and the loser permanently retiring from boxing, a fight that would've entertained fans not only at a press conference, but also inside the ring as well.
Mixed Martial Arts career
On May 15, 2010 Mayorga was scheduled to make his professional MMA debut against UFC veteran Din Thomas on the Shine Fights: Worlds Collide: Mayorga vs Thomas card. Don King filed for an injunction the week of the fight to prevent him from participating, claiming Mayorga had an exclusive contract with Don King Promotions (DKP).
Shine Fights stated that Mayorga's contract with DKP was for boxing, and as such did not apply to mixed martial arts. Judge Marc Gold granted the injunction just several hours before the fight. Later on the same day, Shine Fights officials conceded defeat in the matter and Mayorga was pulled off the card.