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             ERICK MORALES 38 fights on 15 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Erik Morales vs Pacquiao II
Erik Morales vs Pacquiao III
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Erik Morales vs Tovar
Erik Morales vs Torres
Erik Morales vs Martinez
Erik Morales vs Bradley
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ERIK MORALES 38 fights on 15 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 4
Erik Morales vs Jamili
Erik Morales vs McCullough
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Erik Morales vs Croft
Erik Morales vs Velardez
Erik Morales vs Espadas II
Erik Morales vs Chavez
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Erik Morales vs Molina
Erik Morales vs Bueno
Erik Morales vs Jones
Erik Morales vs Chacon
Erik Morales vs Ramirez
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Erik Morales vs Espadas
Erik Morales vs In Jin Chi
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Erik Morales vs Hernandez
Erik Morales vs Barrera III
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Erik Morales vs Valasquez
Erik Morales vs Zaragoza
Erik Morales vs Lowey
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Erik Morales vs Barrera I
Erik Morales vs M. Juarez
Erik Morales vs Kelley
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Erik Morales vs Barrera II
Erik Morales vs Ayala
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Erik Morales vs Pacquiao I
Erik Morales vs Raheem
Fights Boxing DVD 15
Erik Morales vs Garcia 1
Erik Morales vs Garcia 2
Fights Boxing DVD 12
Erik Morales vs D. Diaz
Fights Boxing DVD 13
Erik Morales vs Alfaro
Erik Morales vs Limond
Fights Boxing DVD 14
Erik Morales vs Maidana
Erik Morales vs Cano
Erik Isaac Morales Elvira (born September 1, 1976), best known asErik Morales, ia a Mexican former professional boxer. He is the first Mexican-born boxer in history to win world titles in four different weight classes, having held the WBC and WBO super bantamweight, WBC featherweight (twice), WBC and IBF super featherweight, and WBC light welterweight titles.
Morales defeated fifteen world champions during the course of his career, and is famous for his trilogies with fellow Mexican legend Marco Antonio Barrera, as well as Manny Pacquiao. He is ranked #49 on ESPN's "50 Greatest Boxers of All Time".
Early career
Erik Morales was born in the Zona Norte section of Tijuana. Under the tutelage of his father,Jose Morales, a fighter himself, Erik started boxing at the age of 5 and amassed a very impressive amateur career that saw him fight 114 times (108-6) and win 11 major titles in Mexico. Morales made his professional debut at the age of 16, by knocking out Jose Orejel in two rounds. Between 1993 and 1997, he quickly climbed the ranks in the super bantamweight division, winning 26 fights, 20 by knockout, including wins against former champions Kenny Mitchell and Hector Acero Sanchez, before challenging for his first world title. It was during this time that he signed with promoter Bob Arum.
Morales vs Zaragoza
On September 6, 1997, in El Paso, Texas, at the age of 21, he won his first world title by stopping WBC Super Bantamweight Champion and now member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame, Daniel Zaragoza, via knockout in eleven rounds.
In his first defense, Morales defeated John Lowey (24-2) by 7th round knockout. In his next fight, he defeated Remigio Molina (31-1) by 6th round knockout. On May 16, 1998, he defeated former champion Jose Luis Bueno via a second round knockout.
Morales vs Jones
In September 1998, in another landmark fight, Morales knocked out former two weight world champion Junior Jones of the United States. Jones went into the battle with a daunting record against Mexican fighters of 35 victories and no losses, most notably including two victories over the previous champion, Marco Antonio Barrera, in 1996 and 1997. Also noteworthy was that Jones was entering Mexico for the first time to fight and the fight was held at Tijuana. The fight went on to three contested rounds before Morales knocked out Jones with two consecutive overhead right crosses in the fourth round.
In October 1999, Morales fought and defeated former WBC Bantamweight Champion Wayne McCullough of Northern Ireland, saying that McCullough gave him one of the toughest three fights of his career.
Morales vs Barrera I
In February 2000, Morales defeated Marco Antonio Barrera to win the WBO Super Bantamweight title, in a fight that is considered one of boxing's classics. Morales won the fight by a controversial split decision. It was an intense battle in which both fighters were cut and battered. Many people thought Barrera had won the fight on a knockdown that he scored in the twelfth and final round. After the fight, Morales said, "He was a brave fighter, and we both gave it all we had. We were both hurt during the fight. He was the biggest puncher I ever faced in the ring." The Ring named it the Fight of the Year.