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              LARRY HOLMES 42 fights on 19 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Larry Holmes vs D. Bobick
Larry Holmes vs R. Bobick
Larry Holmes vs Prater
Larry Holmes vs Sanford
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Larry Holmes vs Smith
Larry Holmes vs Bey
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LARRY HOLMES 42 fights on 19 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 8
Documentary Holmes/Cooney
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Larry Holmes vs Shavers II
Larry Holmes vs Zanon
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Larry Holmes vs Shavers I
Larry Holmes vs Norton
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Larry Holmes vs Berbick
Larry Holmes vs L. Spinks
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Larry Holmes vs Witherspoon
Larry Holmes vs Frank
Larry Holmes vs Frazier
Fights Boxing DVD 18
Larry Holmes vs Smith II
Larry Holmes vs Weaver II
Larry Holmes vs Butterbean
Fights Boxing DVD 13
Larry Holmes vs M. Spinks II
Larry Holmes vs Tyson
Larry Holmes vs Mercado (exh)
Larry Holmes vs Tillis (exh)
Larry Holmes vs Ruddock (sparring)
Fights Boxing DVD 14
Larry Holmes vs Mercer
Larry Holmes vs Holyfield
Fights Boxing DVD 17
Larry Holmes vs Nielsen
Larry Holmes vs Harris
Fights Boxing DVD 19
Larry Holmes: Beyond The Glory
Fights Boxing DVD 16
Larry Holmes vs McCall
Larry Holmes vs Shepard
Larry Holmes vs Navarre
Fights Boxing DVD 15
Larry Holmes vs Martin
Larry Holmes vs Lakusta
Larry Holmes vs Ribalta
Fights Boxing DVD 12
Larry Holmes vs Williams
Larry Holmes vs M. Spinks I
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Larry Holmes vs Cobb
Larry Holmes vs Rodriguez
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Larry Holmes vs Snipes
Larry Holmes vs Cooney
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Larry Holmes vs Jones
Larry Holmes vs Ledoux
Larry Holmes vs Ali
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Larry Holmes vs Evangelista
Larry Holmes vs Ocasio
Larry Holmes vs Weaver
Larry Holmes (born November 3,1949) is an American former professional boxer. He grew up in Easton, Pennsylvania, which gave birth to his boxing nickname, the "Easton Assassin".
Holmes, whose left jab is rated among the best in boxing history, was the WBC heavyweight champion from 1978 to 1983, The Ring magazine champion from 1980 to 1985, and the IBF champion from 1983 to 1985. He made 20 successful title defenses, placing him third all time, behind only Joe Louis at 25 and Wladimir Klitschko at 22. He is also one of only five men (along with Joe Frazier, Ken Norton, Leon Spinks and Trevor Berbick) to defeat Muhammad Ali.
Holmes won his first 48 professional bouts, including victories over Earnie Shavers, Ken Norton, Muhammad Ali, Mike Weaver, Gerry Cooney, Tim Witherspoon, Carl Williams and Marvis Frazier, and fell one short of matching Rocky Marciano's career record of 49-0 when he lost to Michael Spinks in 1985. Holmes retired after losing a rematch to Spinks, but made repeated comebacks, and was unsuccessful in three further attemps (against Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield and Oliver McCall) to regain the title, the last in 1995. Holmes fought for the final time in 2002 and ended with a career record of 69-6. He is frequently ranked as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time and has been inducted into both the International Boxing Hall of Fame and World Boxing Hall of Fame.
Early life
Holmes was the fourth of twlve children born to John and Flossie Holmes. When the family moved to easton in 1954, Holmes' father went to Connecticut, where he worked as a gardener until his eath in 1970. He visited his family every three weeks. "He didn't forsake us," said Flossie Holmes. "He just didn't have anything to give." The family survived on welfare.
To help support his family holmes dropped out of school when he was in the seventh grade and went to work at a car wash for $1 an hour. He later drove a dump truck and worked in a quarry.
Amateur boxing career
When Holmes was nineteen, he started boxing. In his twenty second bout, he boxed Duane Bobick in the 1972 Olympic Trials. Holmes was dropped in the first round with a right to the head. He got up and danced out of range, landing several stiff jabs in the process. Bobick mauled Holmes in the second round but couldn't corner him. The referee warned Holmes twice in the second for holding. In the third, Bobick landed several good rights and started to corner Holmes who continued to hold. Eventually, Holmes was disqualified for excessive holding.
Early boxing career
After compiling an amateur record of 19-3, Holmes turned professional on March 21, 1973, winning a four round decision against Rodell Dupree. Early in his career he worked as a sparring partner for Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Earnie Shavers, and Jimmy Young. He was paid well and learned a lot. "I was young, and I didn't know much. But I was holding my own sparring those guys," Holmes asid. "I thought, 'hey, these guys are the best, the champs. If I can hold my own now, what about later?"
Holmes first gained credibility as a contender when he upset the hard punching Earnie Shavers in March 1978. Holmes won by a lopsided twelve round unanimous decision, winning every round on two scorecards and all but one on the third. Holm's victory over Shavers set up a title shot between Holmes and WBC Heavyweight Champion Ken Norton in Las Vegas, Nevada on June 9, 1978.
WBC Heavyweight Champion - Holmes vs Norton
The fight between Holmes and Norton was a tough, competitive fight. After fourteen rounds, all three judges had the fight scored dead even at seven rounds each. Holmes rallied late in the fifteenth to win the round on two scorecards and take the title by a split decision.