Roberto Duran 43 Career Boxing Fights On 18 DVDs With  Motion Menus
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           ROBERTO DURAN 43 fights on 18 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Roberto Duran vs Marcel
Roberto Duran vs Huertas (silent)
Roberto Duran vs Kobayashi
Roberto Duran vs Buchanan
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Roberto Duran vs Batten
Roberto Duran vs Cuevas
Roberto Duran vs Moore
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ROBERTO DURAN 43 fights on 18 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 8
Roberto Duran vs Nsubuga
Roberto Duran vs Wheatley
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Roberto Duran vs Lampkin
Roberto Duran vs Viruet I
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Roberto Duran vs Ishimatsu
Roberto Duran vs De Jesus II
Roberto Duran vs Vasquez
Roberto Duran vs Takayama
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Roberto Duran vs Fernandez
Roberto Duran vs Viruet II
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Roberto Duran vs Benitez
Roberto Duran vs Laing
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Roberto Duran vs De Jesus I
Roberto Duran vs Robertson
Roberto Duran vs Thompson
Fights Boxing DVD 17
Roberto Duran vs Camacho II
Fights Boxing DVD 12
Roberto Duran vs Zambrano
Roberto Duran vs Sims
Roberto Duran vs Gimenez
Fights Boxing DVD 13
Roberto Duran vs Leonard III
Roberto Duran vs Lawlor
Fights Boxing DVD 15
Roberto Duran vs Martinez
Roberto Duran vs Domenge
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Roberto Duran vs Ortiz
Roberto Duran vs Bizzarro
Roberto Duran vs Rojas
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Roberto Duran vs De Jesus III
Roberto Duran vs Palomino
Roberto Duran vs C. Gonzalez
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Roberto Duran vs Smith (exhibition)
Roberto Duran vs N. Gonzalez
Roberto Duran vs Minchillo
Fights Boxing DVD 14
Roberto Duran vs Pazienza I
Roberto Duran vs Pazienza II
Fights Boxing DVD 16
Roberto Duran vs Camacho I
Roberto Duran vs Joppy
Fights Boxing DVD 18
Roberto Duran: No Mas
Roberto Duran Samaniego (born June 16, 1951) is a Panamanian former professional boxer, widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time. A versatile brawler in the ring, he was nicknamed "Manos de Piedra" ("Hands of Stone") during his career.
In 2002, Duran was voted by The Ring magazine as the fifth greatest fighter of the last 80 years, while boxing historian Bert Sugar rated him as the eighth greatest fighter of all time. The Associated Press voted him as the #1 lightweight of the 20th century, with many considering him the greatest lightweight of all time. Duran held world titles in four different weight classes: lightweight (1972-79), welterweight (1980), light middleweight (1983-84) and middleweight (1989). He was the second boxer to have fought a span of five decades, the first being Jack Johnson. However, Duran is most infamous for abruptly forfeiting his welterweight title in the middle of his 1980 rematch with challenger Sugar Ray Leonard.
He finally retired in January 2002 at age 50 (having previously retired in 1998) following a bad car crash in October 2001, with a professional record of 120 fights, 104 wins with 69 knockouts. Up until his fight with Wilfred Benitez in a light middlewight title clash in 1982, he was trained by legendary boxing trainer Ray Arcel.
Early life
Roberto Duran was born on June 16, 1951 in Guarare, Panama. His mother, Clara Samaniego, was a native of Guarare, Panama, and his father, Margarito Duran Sanchez, was from Arizona, United states of Mexican descent. He was raised in the slums of El Chorrillo in the district "La Casa de Piedra" (The House of Stone) Panama. He began sparring with experienced boxers at the Neco de La Guardia gymnasium when he was only eight years old. He made his professional debut in 1968 at the age of 16.
Professional career
After an initial adustment he won thirty in a row, and scored knockout victories over future Featherweight Champion Ernesto Marcel and former Super Featherweight Champion Hiroshi Kobayashi, culminating in his first title bout in June 1972, where he controversially defeated Ken Buchanan in Madison Square garden, New York for the WBA Lightweight Championship. Duran, as a 2-to-1 underdog, scored a knock down against the defending champion just fifteen seconds into the opening round and battered him throughout the bout. He was well ahead on all three cards as the bell rang to end the 13th round, at which time Duran (apparently not hearing the bell due to crowd noise and the heat of the moment) continued to throw a couple of extra punches as Buchanan lay on the ropes. Upon closer inspection of the famed low blow, referee Johnny LoBianco can be seen standing behind Duran as the bell rang and immediately grabbed Duran in a bear hug-like style to pull Duran away from Buchanan. LoBianco can clearly be seen in the video altering the direction of Duran's right arm, pulling it downward as Duran attempted to throw a clean body punch at Buchanan; thus the infamous ridicule of Duran intentionally throwing a low blow was born.
Duran followed up on his title winning performance with several non-title matches. Later that year, in another non-title bout, he lost a ten round decision to Esteban De Jesus. Duran got back on track with successful title defenses against Jimmy Robertson, Hector Thompson and future Lightweight Champion Guts Ishimatsu. In 1974, Duran avenged his loss to De Jesus with a brutal eleventh round knockout. In 1976, he defeated future Light Welterweight Champion Saoul Mamby. Overall, Duran made twelve successful defenses of his title (eleven coming by knockout) and amassed a record of 62-1, his last defense coming in 1978 where Duran fought a third bout with De Jesus, a unification match where Duran once again knocked out De Jesus and captured his WBC Lightweight Championship. Duran gave up the Undisputed Lightweight Championship in February 1979.