Vic Darchinyan 38 Career Boxing Fights On 15 DVDs With  Menus
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             VIC DARCHINYAN 38 fights on 15 boxing DVDs
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VIC DARCHINYAN 38 fights on 15 boxing DVDS
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Vic Darchinyan vs Zhumadilov (AM, HL)
Vic Darchinyan vs Kizito I
Vic Darchinyan vs Blida
Vic Darchinyan vs Glinago
Vic Darchinyan vs Kizito II
Vic Darchinyan vs Picknell
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Fights Boxing DVD 6
Vic Darchinyan vs Maldonado
Vic Darchinyan vs G. Donaire
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Vic Darchinyan vs Tomagola
Vic Darchinyan vs Resley
Vic Darchinyan vs Thongprakon
Vic Darchinyan vs Medina
Vic Darchinyan vs Chareon
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Vic Darchinyan vs Kizito III
Vic Darchinyan vs Eminent
Vic Darchinyan vs Nooklang
Vic Darchinyan vs Farzan Ali
Vic Darchinyan vs Yuthanakorn
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Vic Darchinyan vs Montiel
Vic Darchinyan vs Angorro
Vic Darchinyan vs Chareon II
Vic Darchinyan vs Pacheco
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Vic Darchinyan vs Sikali
Vic Darchinyan vs Jimenez
Vic Darchinyan vs Gabi
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Vic Darchinyan vs Kirilov
Vic Darchinyan vs Mijares
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Vic Darchinyan vs Agbeko
Vic Darchinyan vs Rojas
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Vic Darchinyan vs Guerrero
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Vic Darchinyan vs Burgos
Vic Darchinyan vs N. Donaire I
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Vic Darchinyan vs Arce
Fights Boxing DVD 12
Vic Darchinyan vs Mares
Vic Darchinyan vs Perez
Bakhtang "Vic" Darchinyan (born January 7, 1976) is an Armenian Australian professional boxer and former three division world champion, having won eight titles in three different weight classes. He has held the IBF flyweight title, as well as the undisputed WBA, WBC and IBF super flyweight titles. He has also captured a record four IBO titles in three weight classes. A southpaw boxer with a unique fighting style, Darchinyan (along with Jeff Fenech) is the only Australian three diviion world champion in the sport's history.
On December 16, 2004, Darchinyan became the first ethnic Armenian to capture a world title when he defeated the previously unbeaten and defending IBF flyweight champion, Irene Pacheco of Colombia, by eleventh round TKO.
Personal life
Darchinyan was born on January 7, 1976, in Vanadzor, Armenia. His father, Ruben Darchinyan was an Olympic wrestling coach for Armenia. Ruben's name can sometimes be seen on Vic's boxing trunks. Vic has a sister named Liana.
Vic wanted to become a boxer at the age of 5 and dreamed of becoming a world champion in the professionals. His father told him there was no professional boxing in Armenia (or any Soviet countries; this changed when the Union fell in 1991) and instead wanted Vic to follow in his footsteps and take up wrestling. Vic also wrestled as a kid, but always continued to say he would become a world champion someday. He eventually left wrestling in pursuit of his dream to become a world boxing champion.
Amateur career
Vic began boxing at the age of 8 within the community of Vanadzor, where boxing was very popular. He was trained by the experienced Vazgen Badalyan. Darchinyan's amateur career record was 158-18 with 105 knockouts. Vic fought in many different countries and participated for Armenia in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. He went to the third round in the 112 lb division before losing against Bulat Jumadilov of Kazakhstan. Darchinyan moved to Australia after competing in the Olympics and eventually became an Australian Citizen on July 7, 2004. Darchinyan turned pro at the age of 24 on November 3, 2000.
Vic Darchinyan won a bronze medal at the 1998 European amateur Boxing Championships in Minsk. He also won a bronze medal at the 1998 Goodwill Games. In the same year, Darchinyan won a bronze medal at the 1998 Boxing World Cup.
Professional career
Flyweight Division
Vic is promoted by Gary Shaw Promotions and HyeFighters. From November 2000 to December 2004, Vic built up a record of 21-0 (16 KO's) and captured the Australian, Oceanic and Pan Pacific Flyweight titles. after knocking out former 2 division world champion Wandee Singwancha in an IBF eliminator, he earned the IBF #1 mandatory ranking.
First world title
He won his IBF title on December 16, 2004 in his first fight in the United states, beating respected champion Irene Pacheco of Colombia, via 11th round technical knockout. Pacheco had held the title for over 5 years.
Returning to Australia, his first title defense was against long time contender and IBO belt holder, Mzukisi Sikali, in a crowd pleasing brawl. By the 8th round, Sikali took a combination body and head shots and turned away in a 'No Mas' fashion, prompting referee Pete Podgorski to step in and wave it off.
Attempting to secure a fight in the USA, Vic took a stay busy fight defending his title against fringe contender Jair Jimenez, whom he floored in round 4. The referee stopped the fight in the 5th after Jimenez started to walk away from the fight.
Returning to the USA headlining on ShoBox: The New Generation, his third title defense was against Filipino contender Diosdado Gabi. Vic knocked him out with a single straight left in the 8th round.
Fights Boxing DVD 13
Vic Darchinyan vs Moreno 
Fights Boxing DVD 14
Vic Darchinyan vs Del Valle
Fights Boxing DVD 15
Vic Darchinyan vs N. Donaire II