Sonny Liston 14 Career Boxing Fights On 3 DVDs With  Motion Menus
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                 SONNY LISTON 14 fights on 3 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Sonny Liston vs Bethea
Sonny Liston vs Whithurst II (HL)
Sonny Liston vs Williams I
Sonny Liston vs Williams II
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SONNY LISTON 14 fights on 3 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 3
Sonny Liston A&E Biography
Sonny Liston Life & Death Of A Champ
Sonny Liston vs Harris
Sonny Liston vs Machen
Sonny Liston vs Westphal
Sonny Liston vs Patterson I
Sonny Liston vs Patterson II
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Sonny Liston vs Ali I
Sonny Liston vs Ali II
Sonny Liston vs McMurray
Sonny Liston vs Martin
Sonny Liston vs Wepner (HL)
Charles L. "Sonny" Liston (unknown - December 30, 1970) was an American professional boxer known for his toughness, punching power and intimidating appearance. A long avoided contender, he became world heavyweight champion in 1962 by knocking out Floyd Patterson in the first round, repeating the knockout in a defense of the title. Although widely regarded as unbeatable, Liston lost the title in 1964 to 7-1 underdog Muhammad Ali. Controversy followed with claims he had been drinking  heavily the night before the fight. In the rematch Liston suffered a shocking first round knockout that led to unresolved suspicions of a fix. He was still a world ranked boxer when he died in mysterious circumstances. Underworld connections - along with his unrecorded date of birth - added to the enigma. The Ring magazine ranked Liston as the seventh greatest heavyweight of all time.
Early life
Charles "Sonny" Liston was born into a sharecropping family who farmed the poor land of Morledge Plantation near Johnson Township, St. Francis County, Arkansas. His father, Tobe Liston, was in his mid 40s when he and his wife, Helen Baskin, who was nearly 30 years younger than Tobe, moved to Arkansas from Mississippi in 1916. Helen had one child before she married Tobe, and Tobe had 13 children with his first wife. Tobe and Helen had 12 children together. Sonny was the second youngest child.
Date of birth
There is no record of Liston's birth, though in the 1940 census he was listed as a 10 year old boy. It has been suggested Liston may not have know what year he was born, as he was not precise on the matter. He finally settles on a date of birth of May 8, 1932 for official purposes but by the time he won the world title an aged appearance added credence to rumors that he was several years older that he was by then claiming.
Tobe Liston inflicted whippings so severe on Sonny that the scars were still visible decades later. "The only thing my old man ever gave me was a beating," Liston said. Helen Baskin moved to St. Louis, Missouri, with some of her children, leaving Liston - aged around 13, according to his later reckoning - in Arkansas with his father. Sonny thrashed the pecans from his brother in law's tree and sold them in Forrest City. With the proceeds he traveled to St. Louis and reunited with his mother and sibling. Liston tried going to school but quickly left after jeers about his illiteracy; the only employment he could obtain was sporadic and exploitative.
Liston turned to crime and led a gang of toughs who committed muggings and armed robberies. He became known to the St. Louis police as the "Yellow Shirt Bandit", due to the shirt he wore during robberies. Liston was caught in January 1950. He gave his age as 20, while the St. Louis Globe-Democrat reported that he was 22. Liston was convicted and sentenced to five years in Missouri State Penitentiary. His time in prison started on June 1, 1950.
Liston never complained about prison, saying he was guaranteed three meals every day. The athletic director at Missouri State Penitentiary, Rev. Alois Stevens, suggested to Liston that he try boxing, and his obvious aptitude, along with an endorsement from Stevens, who was also a priest, aided Liston in getting an early parole. Stevens organized a sparring session with a professional heavyweight named Thurman Wilson to showcase Liston's potential. After two rounds, Wilson had taken enough. "Better get me out of this ring, he is going to kill me!" he exclaimed.
Amateur boxing career
After he was released from prison on October 31, 1952, Liston had a brief amateur career which spanned less than a year. Liston captured the Chicago Golden gloves Tournament of Champions on March 6, 1953, with a victory over 1952 Olympic Heavyweight Champion Ed Sanders. He then outpointed Julius Griffin, winner of the New York Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions, to capture the Intercity Golden gloves Championship on March 26. Liston was dropped in the first round, but he came back to control the next two rounds and had Griffin hanging on at the end.
Liston competed in the 1953 National Amateur Athletic Union tournament and lost in quarterfinals to 17 year old Jimmy McCarter on April 15.