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   SAUL CANELO ALVAREZ 19 fights on 22 boxing DVDs
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SAUL CANELO ALVAREZ 19 fights on 22 boxing DVDS
Saul Canelo Alvarez 19 Career Boxing Fights On 22 DVDs With Motion Menus
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Fights Boxing DVD 1
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs J. Cotto
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Baldomir
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Fights Boxing DVD 15
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Cotto
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Hatton
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs All Access: Trout
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Trout
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs All Access: Lopez
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Lopez
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Cintron
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Mosley
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Rhodes
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Gomez
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs All Access: Angulo
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Angulo
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Mayweather Jr.
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs All Access: Mayweather Jr.
Fights Boxing DVD 13
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs 24/7 Kirkland
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Kirkland
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs 2 Days: Kirkland
Fights Boxing DVD 12
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Lara
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Countdown: Lara
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs All Access: Lara
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Angulo
Fights Boxing DVD 14
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs 24/7 Cotto
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs FaceOff: Cotto
Fights Boxing DVD 16
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Face Off: Khan
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs 24/7 Khan
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Countdown To: Khan
Fights Boxing DVD 17
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Khan
Santos Saul Alvarez Barragan (born July 18, 1990), commonly known as "Canelo" Alvarez, is a Mexican professional boxer. He is the current lineal, The Ring, and WBC middleweight champion, as well as a former WBC, WBA (Regular), and The Ring light middleweight champion.
In an interview, Alvarez explained that he was born in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, but his family was at the time living in San Agustin de Tlajomulco de Zuniga. At the age of five, his family moved to their current home of Juanacatlan, Jalisco. Growing up on his family's farm, he learned horseback riding, which he continues today. Alvarez is the youngest of eight children, seven of them boys; all of his brothers also became professional boxers. Among his brothers are welterweight boxers Ramon Alvarez, Ricardo Alvarez and former interim WBA World Champion, Rigoberto Alvarez.
"Canelo" in Spanish is the masculine word for cinnamon, which is a common nickname for people with red hair.
Amateur Career
Alvarez started boxing at 13 years old, after watching his older brother Rigoberto Alvarez's debut as a professional boxer. In 2004 he won the silver medal at the Junior Mexican National championships, held in Sinaloa, He became the 2005 Junior Mexican National Boxing Champion in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas, at the age of 15. Canelo has an amateur record of 44-2.
Professional career
Alvarez turned professional at 15, shortly after his championship at the Junior Nationals, because his trainers at the time, father-and-son team Chepo and Eddy Reynoso, were unable to find suitable junior opponents for him. In his first 19 months as a professional, he knocked out 11 of his 13 documented opponents, all of whom were significantly older. however, the elder Reynoso stated in 2013 that Alvarez had fought 10 more times in that span, winning all 10 by knockout, but that these fights (all in small venues in the Mexican state of Nayarit) were so poorly documented that it was not worth the trouble to seek to have the record corrected.
Alvarez' third official bout of his career was a win over the now current IBF Lightweight Champion, Miguel Vazquez on January 20, 2006, at his home town of Guadalajara, Jalisco. On June 28, 2008, Alvarez defeated Miguel Vazquez again in a rematch. He also made world history in that fight card when all of his six brothers fought on the same night, Canelo being the youngest. The only downside was that three of them failed to win their pro debuts. The other four more experienced brothers won. On March 6, 2010, he got a crushing third round knockout over Brian Camechis in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas. Alvarez defeated Jose Miguel Cotto on May 1, 2010, on the Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley undercard in the MGM Grand Garden Arena on HBO PPV to retain his NABF Welterweight title.
Light middleweight
His sixth round TKO win over Luciano Leonel Cuello for the WBC Silver Light Middleweight bout was held in the Vicente Fernandez Arena. During the post fight interview Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez gave Alvarez a horse. He was also given a horse by the mayor of Tepic, where Alvarez sometimes trains.
He next fought against the former WBC Welterweight Champion Carlos Baldomir at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, on the Shane Mosley vs Sergio Mora undercard. Baldomir stated in a pre-fight interview that he wants the winner of Mora vs Mosley, as he said "after I knock out El Canelo." Baldomir weighed in at 153.4 pounds for the bout, that was contracted for 151 pounds. In California, if a fighter is overweight he is penalized 20 percent of his purse and that percent is given to the other fighter. However Alvarez declined to take the extra $12,000 from Baldomir. In the 6th round Alvarez landed a crushing blow that knocked Baldomir out cold. Alvarez is the only one to knock Baldomir out and is only the second boxer ever to stop Carlos Baldomir. Alvarez successfully defended his Light Middleweight title unanimously versus former world champion Lovemore N'dou in Veracruz. It was a competitive fight despite the wide margins on the official scorecards of 120-108 (twice) and 119-109.
Fights Boxing DVD 18
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Countdown To: Smith
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Road To: Smith
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Smith
Fights Boxing DVD 19
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs A Fighting Tradition: Chavez Jr.
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Pre Show: Chavez Jr.
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Chavez Jr.
Fights Boxing DVD 20
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Golovkin I: 24/7
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Golovkin I: Under The Lights
Fights Boxing DVD 21
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Golovkin I: Countdown To
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Golovkin I
Fights Boxing DVD 22
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Golovkin II: The Fight Game
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Golovkin II: 24/7
Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Golovkin II