Danny Lopez 13 Career Boxing Fights On 4 DVDs With  Menus
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                 DANNY LOPEZ 13 fights on 4 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Danny Lopez vs Kurosawa
Danny Lopez vs Chacon
Danny Lopez vs Cruz
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DANNY LOPEZ 13 fights on 4 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 4
Danny Lopez vs Sanchez I
Danny Lopez vs Sanchez II
Danny Lopez vs Rodriguez
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Danny Lopez vs Olivares
Danny Lopez vs Hafey
Danny Lopez vs Kotey II
Danny Lopez vs De Paula
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Danny Lopez vs Malvares
Danny Lopez vs Castanon
Danny Lopez vs Ayala
Danny Lopez (born July 6, 1952) is an American former boxer. He was a world champion at featherweight, and a very popular fighter both in television and Southern California during the 1970s. His nickname is Little Red.
Lopez is of Ute Indian, Mexican, and Irish heritage. He had been moved from one foster home to another, and coming off a Ute Indian Reservation in Utah, he finally found a home in Southern California. He is also the brother of welterweight contender Ernie Lopez. He is married to Bonnie Lopez and has three sons, Bronson, Jeremy, and Dylan.
Pro career
Lopez began boxing professionally on May 27, 1971, knocking out Steve Flajole in one round at Los Angeles. He won his first 21 fights in a row by knockout, in one of the longest knockout win streaks ever. During that streak, all but one of his fights were in Los Angeles, a fact which could be credited for his popularity in the area. The only one of his fights among those 21 fights outside Los Angeles took place in Honolulu, where he beat Ushiwakamaru Harada by a knockout in three.
On Juanuary 17, 1974 Genzo Kurosaw became the first person to go the distance with Lopez, Lopez winning by a ten round decision. His next fight, a month later, in Mexicali, Mexico, was his first fight abroad. He beat Memo Rodriguez by a knockout in nine rounds there.
People in Los Angeles were eager to see Lopez and another up-and-coming Angelino, Bobby Chacon, square off inside a ring. The fight took place on May 24, and Lopez was knocked out in the ninth round in a thrilling fight. In his next fight of note, he lost once again by a knockout in round nine, this time to Shig Furuyama.
After defeating Ocatvio Gomez to begin 1975, Lopez went on a roll: He began by beating Chucho Castillo by a knockout in two rounds. Two more wins, and he was faced with Ruben Olivares, whom he beat by a knockout in seven rounds, after recovering from a first round knockdown himself.
In 1976, he beat Sean O'Grady by knockout in four, Gomez by knockout in three and Art Hafey by knockout in seven. Finally ranked number one by the WBC, he travelled to Ghana to challenge world Featherweight champion David Kotei in front of an estimated crowd of more than 100,000 Kotei partisans. Lopez became world champion by outpointing Kotie over 15 rounds on November 6. This trip proved to be troublesome for the new champion, however: back in his hotel room, he tried to call his family in the United States to announce the good news, but all communication systems had been cut down in Ghana. Lopez then tried to send them a telegram through the American embassy in Accra, but they too were affected ty the system failure and could not get his message through. Lopez's family was finally able to realize that Danny was a world champion when they picked him up at the airport one week later.
Lopez won three fights in 1977, retaining the title once, against Jose Torres by a knockout in round seven.
He and Kotei had a rematch on February 15 of 1978, as part of the undercard where Leon Spinks dethroned Muhammad Ali of the world Heavyweight title. Lopez knocked Kotei out in round six of their rematch, and then he retained the title against Jose DePaula by knockout in round six, and Juan Malvares (on the undercard where Ali regained the title from Spinks) by knockout in two. On October 21, he had a fight with Fel Clemente, against whom he retained the world title with a four round disqualification in Italy.
By the end of 1978, there was much talk of a super-fight against world Jr. Featherweight champion Wilfredo Gomez, but the bout never materialized.