Oscar De La Hoya 41 Career Boxing Fights On 17 DVDs With Menus
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   OSCAR DE LA HOYA 41 fights on 17 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Oscar De La Hoya vs Coley
Oscar De La Hoya vs Gatti
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OSCAR DE LA HOYA 41 fights on 17 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 3
Oscar De La Hoya vs Williams
Oscar De La Hoya vs Hicks
Oscar De La Hoya vs Alexander
Oscar De La Hoya vs Strong
Oscar De La Hoya vs Mayweather
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Oscar De La Hoya vs Campanella
Oscar De La Hoya vs Paez
Oscar De La Hoya vs Griffith
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Oscar De La Hoya vs Robinson (AM)
Oscar De La Hoya vs Brooks (AM)
Oscar De La Hoya vs Kyung-IL (AM)
Oscar De La Hoya vs Martinez (AM)
Oscar De La Hoya vs Christodolou (AM)
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Oscar De La Hoya vs Silva (AM)
Oscar De La Hoya vs Odion (AM)
Oscar De La Hoya vs Tontchev (AM)
Oscar De La Hoya vs Hong (AM)
Oscar De La Hoya vs Rudolph (AM)
Oscar De La Hoya (born February 4, 1973) is a former professional boxer who competed from 1992 to 2008. He holds dual American and Mexican citizenship. Nicknamed "The Golden Boy", De La Hoya represented the United states at the 1992 Summer Olympics, winning a gold medal in the lightweight division shortly after graduating from James A. Garfield High School.
Light welterwight
Chavez vs De La Hoya
On June 7, 1996, Oscar De La Hoya fought Mexican legend Julio Cesar Chavez (96-1-1) for the lineal and WBC light welterweight championship. De La Hoya, with a record of 21-0 with 19 KOs, defeated Chavez by a fourth round TKO. The fight was stopped due to a bad cut suffered by Chavez. Until their rematch in 1998, Chavez stated that De La Hoya did not defeat him since the fight was stopped. De La Hoya successfully defended his titles with a twelve round unanimous decision against undefeated former WBC Lightweight Champion and number one light welterweight contender Miguel Angel Gonzalez (41-0-0).
Whitaker vs De La Hoya
On April 12, 1997, De La Hoya moved up to the welterwight division and fought Pernell Whitaker (40-1-1). The fight proved to be a difficult one. De La Hoya won a disputed twelve round unanimous decision to capture the lineal and WBC titles. He also became the Ring Magazine's number one ranked pound-for-pound fighter.
On September 13, 1997, he defeated Hector Camacho (63-3-1) by unanimous decision. On September 8, 1998, he fought a rematch with Julio Cear Chavez (100-2-2) and defeated him by eighth round TKO. in his next bout, he faced undefeated former WBA Welterweight Champion Ike Quartey (34-0-1) and won by a somewhat disputable split decision. De La Hoya was knocked down once in the fight, while Quartey was down twice. He then defeated Oba Carr (48-2-1) by eleventh round TKO.
De La Hoya vs Trinidad unification
After seven defenses of his lineal and WBC welterweight titles, De La Hoya fought rival and IBF Champion Felix Trinidad (35-0) on September 18, 1999, in one of the biggest pay-per-view events in history, setting a record for a non-heavyweight fight. Oscar dominated the vast majority of the first nine rounds, staying just outside Trinidad's range while generating much success with his stiff jab and blitzing combinations. But in the last 2-3 rounds of the fight, heeding the strict instructions of his corner who felt that De La Hoya was way ahead on the scorecards, De La Hoya shut down much of his offense and evaded trading with Trinidad. De La Hoya virtually gave away the last couple of rounds. Though landing well over 100 more punches, Trinidad was ultimately awarded a majority decision. The judges scorecards came under question after the decision. Fans and boxing analysts called for a rematch, which never happened.
De La Hoya vs Mosely
On February 26, 2000, De La Hoya knocked out Derrell Coley (34-1-2) in a WBC eliminator. The WBC awarded De La Hoya their welterweight title, which he lost, to Shane Mosley (34-0) by a split decision on June 17, 2000, giving De La Hoya the first sound defeat of his pro career. The fight was a disputed decision, with one judge scoring the fight 115-113 for De La Hoya, and the other two scoring it 116-112 and 115-113 for Mosley.
De La Hoya took promoter Bob Arum to court in the fall of 2000, trying to break his contract with the promoter. The courts ruled in favor of De La Hoya in February 2001. Tempers flared during the battle and reached a low in March 2001, when De La Hoya called Arum racist in a newspaper interview and then apologized for the remarks.
"I don't have blue eyes and I am not white, but a Mexican arriving on the cusp of fame, and that is what they do not support," De La Hoya told La Opinion in 2001. "Bob Arum's people hope I lose because they can't see a Mexican above them, and also that he defeated on of the biggest jews to come out of Harvard."
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Oscar De La Hoya vs Grable
Oscar De La Hoya vs Avelar
Oscar De La Hoya vs Dorsey
Oscar De La Hoya vs Carter
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Oscar De La Hoya vs Nunez
Oscar De La Hoya vs Valenzuela
Oscar De La Hoya vs Bredahl
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Oscar De La Hoya vs Avila
Oscar De La Hoya vs Molina
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Oscar De La Hoya vs Leija
Oscar De La Hoya vs Tyson
Oscar De La Hoya vs Kamau
Oscar De La Hoya vs Rivera
Fights Boxing DVD 12
Oscar De La Hoya vs Mayorga
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Oscar De La Hoya vs Castillejo
Oscar De La Hoya vs  Vargas
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Oscar De La Hoya vs Sturm
Oscar De La Hoya vs Hopkins
Fights Boxing DVD 17
Oscar De La Hoya vs Pacquiao
Fights Boxing DVD 13
Oscar De La Hoya vs Mayweather 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 14
Oscar De La Hoya vs Mayweather
Fights Boxing DVD 15
Oscar De La Hoya vs Forbes Countdown To
Oscar De La Hoya vs Forbes
Fights Boxing DVD 16
Oscar De La Hoya vs Pacquiao 24/7