Felix Trinidad 33 Career Boxing Fights On 12 DVDs With Menus
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               FELIX TRINIDAD 33 fights on 12 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Felix Trinidad vs Vilarino
Felix Trinidad vs Ocasio
Felix Trinidad vs Perez
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FELIX TRINIDAD 33 fights on 12 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 3
Felix Trinidad vs Campas
Felix Trinidad vs Carr
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Felix Trinidad vs De La Hoya
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Felix Trinidad vs Blocker
Felix Trinidad vs Garcia
Felix Trinidad vs Stephens
Felix Trinidad vs Camacho
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Felix Trinidad vs Pendleton
Felix Trinidad vs Lovato
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Felix Trinidad vs Mayorga
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Felix Trinidad vs Vargas
Felix Trinidad vs Joppy

Juan Felix ďTitoĒ Trinidad Garcia (born January 10, 1973), best known asFelix Trinidad, is a Puerto Rican former professional boxer, considered one of the best in Puerto Ricoís history.


Professional career

Trinidad vs Campas

On September 17, 1994, Trinidad traveled to the MGM Grand for a second straight fight to compete in a title defense against Yori Boy Campas, who had a record of 56-0. In the second round Campas scored a knockdown, the second knockdown in Trinidadís career. Following this Trinidad exchanged several combinations, injuring Campasí face and breaking his nose. In the fourth round, the referee stopped the fight, the first defeat in Campasí career.


Trinidad vs Carr

Trinidadís fourth fight outside Puerto Rico or the United states took place on Estadio de Beisbol in Monterey, Mexico. Trinidad was scheduled to defend his title against the undefeated Oba Carr. In the second round, Carr scored a knockdown, which was the product of a quick right hand punch. Trinidad continued the fight and pursued the challenger, who displayed a quick pace throughout the fight. In the fourth round Trinidad connected a solid punch that injured Carr, and in the eighth he scored three consecutive knockdowns before the referee stopped the fight by technical knockout.


Trinidad spent the next four years defending his title against numerous fighters in bouts televised on Showtime. Among these fights was a defense against Mahenge Zulu, the number two challenger for Trinidadís championship. This fight was part of a card that took place on April 3, 1998 in Bayamon, Puerto Rico and marked the first time that Trinidad had performed in the island in five years. Trinidad began the first round by cautiously analyzing the challengerís style, but the round ended with quick exchanges after Zulu took the initiative in the offensive. In the second round Zulu was actively pursuing the champion, but retreated when he received a solid jab sequence. Early in the third round a series of jabs opened a wound on Zuluís mouth, while the challengerís punches were not reaching their target. Trinidad began the fourth round heavily on in offensive connecting several combinations which hurt the challenger, using this to land more punches in Zuluís head and body. One punch hit Zulu in the jaw, he fell to the floor and tried to rise, but the referee stopped the fight before he could do so.


Trinidad vs Whitaker

On February 20, 1999, Trinidad defended the welterweight championship against Pernell Whitaker, winning the fight by unanimous decision in a contest that marked his thirteenth successful defense. The fight began with both boxers displaying aggressive styles, which included excessive pushing. In the following rounds both boxers used their jabs most of the time with Trinidad gaining an advantage when Whitaker attempted to attack inside, eventually scoring a knockdown in round two. In the fourth, fifth and sixth rounds the fighters exchanged combinations. Later in the fight both boxers fell to the floor in what were ruled as ďaccidental slips.Ē On the seventh round Whitaker displayed more offense, trading power punches with Trinidad, but the champion retained control in the fightís tempo during the eighth, ninth, and tenth rounds. In the last round Whitaker, with a badly swollen right eye, displayed a purely defensive stance, avoiding his opponent thoughout the round while Trinidad continued on the offensive until the fight concluded. The judges gave the champion scores of 117-111, 118-109 and 118-109.


Trinidad vs De La Hoya

In the spring of 1999, Don King and Oscar De La Hoyaís promoter, Bob Arum, agreed to co-promote a mega-fight for the Lineal WBC and IBF welterweight championships on September 18, 1999 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. Early in the fight De La Hoya employed boxing to connect combinations while avoiding Trinidadís attacks. The second round began with both boxers trading punches but De La Hoya quickly returned to his previous tactic, which he employed in the third round. In the fourth round Trinidad pressured the offense while De La Hoya tried to avoid his punches by moving, both boxers eventually exchanged punches.

Fights Boxing DVD 5
Felix Trinidad vs Whitaker
Felix Trinidad vs Pineda
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Felix Trinidad vs Reid
Felix Trinidad vs Thiam
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Felix Trinidad vs Hopkins
Felix Trinidad vs Cherifi
Fights Boxing DVD 12
Felix Trinidad vs Jones Jr.
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Felix Trinidad vs Wright
Felix Trinidad vs Rodriguez
Felix Trinidad vs Cortes
Felix Trinidad vs Hughes
Felix Trinidad vs Aguirre
Felix Trinidad vs Turner
Felix Trinidad vs Barnes
Felix Trinidad vs Moore
Felix Trinidad vs Lueshing
Felix Trinidad vs Waters
Felix Trinidad vs Zulu