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This is the most complete Prince Naseem Hamed set offered anywhere! It is jam packed with 34 explosive fights from his very first televised fight in sheffield, all the way to his comeback bout against a very game Calvo. All ring entrances included. these are very rare and show an 18 year old Hamed dancing in front of a small crowd sitting in folding chairs on his way to the ring! This is a very rare collection and you won't find this anywhere else! Own a piece of history, a collector's item.
This set comes with full professional motion menus with music, chaptered rounds, complete set in chronological order on 9 high quality DVDs. Includes premium cases and artwork printed on the DVDs.
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Prince Naseem Hamed
Limited Edition 34 Fight
9 DVD Boxed Set 
   PRINCE NASEEM HAMED 34 fights on 9 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Beard
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Norman
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Bloomer
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Matthews
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PRINCE NASEEM HAMED  34 fights on 9 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 8
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Bungu
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Sanchez
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Gargano
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Ley
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Jenkins
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Clarkson
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Miceli
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Belcastro
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Picardi
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Cruz
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Ramirez
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Liendo
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Angeles
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Perez
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Robinson
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Lawal
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Alicea
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Medina
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Molina
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Johnson
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Hardy
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Cabrera
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Badillo
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Kelly
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Prince Naseem Hamed vs McCullough
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Vazquez
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Ingle
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Soto
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Calvo
Prince Naseem Hamed vs Barrera

Naseem Hamed (born February 12, 1974), commonly known as “Prince” Naseem or“Naz”, is a British Former professional boxer who competed from 1992 to 2002. He held multiple world championships at featherweight, including the WBO title from 1995 to 2000; the IBF title in 1997; and the WBC title from 1999 to 2000. He also reigned as lineal champion from 1998 to 2001; IBO champion from 2002 to 2003; and held the European bantamweight title from 1994 to 1995. Hamed is ranked as the third best British featherweight boxer of all time by BoxRec. In 2015 he was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.


Hamed was known for his unconventional boxing antics and spectacular ring entrances which included entering the ring on a flying carpet, a lift, and a palanquin, as well as re-enacting the video of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and wearing a Halloween mask. He was also known for his front somersault over the top rope into the ring, his highly athletic and hard’hitting southpaw boxing style, and formidable one punch knockout power; having finished his career with a knockout-to-win ratio of 84%.


Hamed vs Johnson

In February 1997, Hamed defeated long time IBF champion Tom “Boom Boom” Johnson in eight rounds in a unification bout at the London arena. After being constantly stunned and staggered from round 3 onwards, Johnson was finally dropped by a huge uppercut, then saved from further punishment by the referee. Hamed’s first defence of both the WBO & IBF titles was a first round KO of veteran British boxer and European champion Billy Hardy. Before the bout Hamed had correctly predicted he would win in round 1. The next defence was an easy two round win against a hugely outclassed Juan Gerardo Carbrera. Due to Boxing politics involving the IBF’s mandatory challenger, Hamed was soon forced to relinquish the IBF title.


Hamed vs Badillo

In Hamed’s hometown of Sheffield in October 1997, he produced one of the best performances of his career in defending his WBO title against Jose Badillo, whose corner entered the ring to stop the fight during round 7.


Hamed vs Kelley

In late 1997 Hamed made his heavily hyped U.S. debut. His ceremonious arrival on the British Airways Concorde was covered by multiple media outlets. There, he and former WBC title holder Kevin Kelley fought in a highly entertaining bout. This fight marks something of a watershed in Hamed’s career, as he was forced, for the first time to abandon his hands-down style of fighting throughout the entire course of the bout, given the caliber of Kelley. Nonetheless, despite suffering three knockdowns himself, Hamed put Kelley down for a third and final time to win by a fourth round knockout. This was his first of many fights on HBO.


Other title defences

In 1998, Hamed enjoyed victories over former three time WBA title holder and then lineal champion Wilfredo Vazquez (TKO 7), former WBC bantamweight title holder wayne McCullough (W 12), and future IBF title holder Paul Ingle (TKO 11).


Hamed vs Soto

In October 1999 at Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, Michigan, Hamed defeated WBC featherwight champion Cesar Soto of Mexico over 12 rounds, adding the WBC title to his collection and unified the WBC & WBO titles. Hamed soon chose to relinquish his WBC title due to his commitment to being WBO champion.


Had Vazquez not been stripped by the WBA of his belt (the WBA did not want their featherweight title unified with the WBO), Hamed would have had the distinction of winning all four world titles in a division, something only Riddick Bowe had achieved by that point, at heavyweight.