Jorge Paez 48 Career Boxing Fights On 15 DVDs With  Motion Menus
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                JORGE PAEZ 48 fights on 15 boxing DVDs
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 JORGE PAEZ 48 fights on 15 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 1
Jorge Paez vs Linares
Jorge Paez vs Grove I
Jorge Paez vs Grove II
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Fights Boxing DVD 15
Jorge Paez vs Jones
Jorge Paez vs McCracken
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Jorge Paez vs Cruz (HL)
Jorge Paez vs Makitoki
Jorge Paez vs Guitierez
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Jorge Paez vs Dorsey I
Jorge Paez vs Espinoza II
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Jorge Paez vs Dorsey II
Jorge Paez vs Lopez
Jorge Paez vs Suarez
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Jorge Paez vs Spann
Jorge Paez vs Whitaker
Jorge Paez vs Bonine
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Jorge Paez vs Brown
Jorge Paez vs Ruelas
Jorge Paez vs Felix
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Jorge Paez vs Pendleton
Jorge Paez vs Madrid
Jorge Paez vs Franco
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Jorge Paez vs Vanenzuela
Jorge Paez vs Wheeler I
Jorge Paez vs Wheeler II
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Jorge Paez vs Sandoval
Jorge Paez vs Aceves
Jorge Paez vs De La Hoya
Jorge Paez vs Sanabria
Fights Boxing DVD 14
Jorge Paez vs Marcos
Jorge Paez vs Ortiz
Jorge Paez vs Galvan
Fights Boxing DVD 13
Jorge Paez vs Juarez
Jorge Paez vs Lorenzo
Jorge Paez vs Macias II
Fights Boxing DVD 12
Jorge Paez vs Smith I
Jorge Paez vs A. Johnson
Jorge Paez vs Smith II
Jorge Paez vs J. Sanchez II
Jorge Paez vs T. Johnson
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Jorge Paez vs Castillo
Jorge Paez vs Aldama
Jorge Paez vs J. Sanchez
Jorge Paez vs Davis
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Jorge Paez vs Gray
Jorge Paez vs Manfredy
Jorge Paez vs Macias
Jorge Paez vs Sanchez

Jorge Adolfo Paez (born 27 October, 1965) Jorge was one of the most colorful characters of the 1980s into the ‘90s. His flamboyant and eccentric behavior endeared him to boxing fans during his near-20 year career that yielded two major titles at featherweight.


Paez was born in Mexicali, Mexico, on October 27, 1965, the son of a 1950s’era boxer. When his parents separated, he was raised by his grandmother, who owned the Circus Olvera.


“I’ve been performing ever since I was born,” Paez told through Brandon Ayala. “I was an acrobat, cyclist, a clown. I was everything.”


As a youngster Paez fought on the streets. His grandmother gave him some advice, “If you’re going to fight, why don’t you get paid for it?”


Paez went up against WBA super featherweight champion Genaro Hernandez in a non-title bout, losing by TKO in the 8th round due to cuts. On August 17, 1996, he won the WBC Continental Americas super featherweight regional title by knocking out Narciso Valenzuela in 3 rounds. Paez ould then lose that title in his next match against Julian Wheeler but regained it by beating Wheeler in the rematch.


On August 7, 1997, he lost by a knockout in eight rounds to angel Manfredy. After three victories, Paez lost via a devastating one-punch knockout in seven rounds to Augie Sanchez in May 1999. In his next bout in October 1999, Paez boxed future lightweight champion Jose Luis Castillo, losing by KO in the fifth round.


Paez continued to box on over the next few years, winning a long string of bouts against a lower level of opposition.


Injuries and Retirement

Paez was supposed to fight Jesus Chavez on March 29, 2003. However, it was discovered that Paez suffered from brain swelling, putting the fight with Jesus Chavez and his career in serious jeopardy. Despite these findings, Paez fought on, and on December 5, 2003, in Phoenix, Arizona, he defeated Scott McCraken by a ten-round spit decision in what would be Paez’s final match.


His overall record was 79-14-5 (51 KOs).


Outside the Ring

In 1993 he made the movie Zapatos Viejos, where he starred alongside Goria Trevi, Playing “Ernesto”. In 1995, he made his Hollywood acting debut in the low-budget movie Dirty Money.


Paez’s name surfaced in the 2004 FBI investigation against promoter Bob Arum. The FBI was investigating whether Paez’s win over Verdell Smith was a fixed fight or not.


Paez had a brief supporting role with World Wrestling Entertainment as an associate of Rey Mysterio, and accompanied him to the ring at the No Way Out pay-per-view event on February 15, 2004. Paez also appeared in Mysterio’s music video for his song from the WWE Originals album, “Crossing Border.”