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                JOHNNY TAPIA 25 fights on 10 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Johnny Tapia vs Gomez
Johnny Tapia vs Estrada
Johnny Tapia vs Vargas
Johnny Tapia: In This Corner
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JOHNNY TAPIA 25 fights on 10 boxing DVDS
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Johnny Lee Anthony "Johnny" Tapia (February 13, 1967 to May 27, 2012) was a Mexican-American professional boxer and a five time world champion at super flyweight, bantam weight and featherweight.
Tapia was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His father had reportedly been murdered while his mother was pregnant with him. When he was eight years old, his mother, Virginia, was kidnapped, raped, hanged, repeatedly stabbed, and left for dead by her assailant. Tapia was awakened by her screams and saw her chained to the back of a pickup truck. He tried to alert others in his household, but no one believed him. His mother was later found by the police and taken to the hospital after she had crawled 100 yards to a road. She died four days after the attack without regaining consciousness. Raised thereafter by his grandmother, Tapia turned to boxing at the age of nine.
Amateur career
Tapia had an outstanding amateur career, winning the 1983 and 1985 National Golden Gloves tournaments at light flyweight and flyweight, respectively.
Professional career
Early years
Tapia's professional boxing career began on March 25, 1988, when he fought Effren Chavez in Irvine, California. After four rounds of boxing the fight was called a draw. He won eight fights that year, five by knockout, of which four were in the first round. In 1989, he won seven more fights, including a first round knockout of Abner Barajas and an eight round decision against John Michael Johnson.
In 1990, he won seven bouts, including an eight round decision over Jesus Chong, and eleventh round technical knockout of Roland Gomez in Reno that gave him the USBA super flyweight title, and a twelve round decision over Luigi Camputaro, to retain that tile. Tapia was, by the end of the year, a known boxer, his name often appearing in magazine articles. However, his career came to a halt for the next three and a half years after being suspended from boxing for testing positive for cocaine.
When he finally returned to the ring on March 27, 1994, he beat Jaime Olvera by a knockout in four rounds in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He won three more fights by knockout, and then he faced Oscar Aguilar on the Michael Carbajal vs Josue Camacho undercard  in Phoenix for the NABF super flyweight title, winning in three rounds. Five days late the Albuquerque Police claimed they found cocaine after the fight in a bag carried by Tapia. Tapia claimed what the police found was only a soap bar, and the charges were eventually dropped.
First world title
On October 12, 1994 at The Pit, Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tapia defeated Henry Martinez in eleven rounds to win the vacant WBO super flywieght title. He then knocked out former champion Roando Bohol in the second round. In his first title defense, Tapia defeated Jose Rafael Sosa by decision.
He retained the title with a nine round technical draw with Ricardo Vargas and a decision in twelve against his onetime nemesis in the amatuer ranks, Arthur Johnson. After two more wins, he gave Willy Salazar a title shot, knocking him out in nine rounds. In 1996, he fought six more times, keeping his undefeated record and defending the title five additional times during that period, which included wins against Giovanni Andrade, Ivan Alvarez, future champion Hugo Rafael Soto, Sammy Stewart and Adonis Cruz. By then a heated rivalry was cooking up between him and IBF champion Danny Romero. Their rivalry had begun many years earlier when Romero's father trained both boxers. Tapia's split with the Romero family had not been on good terms.
Tapia vs Romero unification
1997 saw tapia fend off a challenge from Jorge Barrera in three rounds. after that, the fight with Romero was set for Las Vegas. the fight took place on July 18. Tapia won by a unanimous twelve round decision, adding the IBF title ot his WBO belt.
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Johnny Tapia vs Archuleta I
Johnny Tapia vs Archuleta II
Johnny Tapia: Real Sports 2007
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Johnny Tapia vs Johnson
Johnny Tapia vs Salazar
Johnny Tapia vs Gonzales
Johnny Tapia: Real Sports 2003
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Johnny Tapia vs Alvarez
Johnny Tapia vs Soto
Johnny Tapia vs Barrera
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Johnny Tapia vs Romero
Johnny Tapia vs Agosto
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Johnny Tapia vs Hernandez
Johnny Tapia vs Konadu
Johnny Tapia vs Martinez
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Johnny Tapia vs Ayala I
Johnny Tapia vs Julio
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Johnny Tapia vs Torres
Johnny Tapia vs Ayala II
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Johnny Tapia vs Gonzalez
Johnny Tapia vs Soto
Johnny Tapia vs Alvarez
Johnny Tapia vs Medina
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Johnny Tapia: Tapia