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         FLOYD PATTERSON 23 fights on 6 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Floyd Patterson vs Mieszala
Floyd Patterson vs Maxim (HL)
Floyd Patterson vs Troy (HL)
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FLOYD PATTERSON 23 fights on 6 boxing DVDS
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Floyd Patterson
Patterson vs. Liston 1 & 2
After the third Johansson fight, Patterson defended the title in Toronto on December 4 against Tom McNeeley and retained the title with a fourth round knockout. However he did not fight number one contender Sonny Liston. This was due in part to Cus DíAmato, who did not want Patterson in the ring with a boxer with mob connections. As a result, DíAmato turned down any challenges involving the IBC. Eventually, due to a monetary dispute with Jimmy Jacobs, Patterson removed DíAmato from handling his business affairs and agreed to fight Liston.
Leading up to the fight, Liston was the major betting-line favorite, though Sports Illustrated predicted that Patterson would win in 15 rounds. Jim Braddock, Jersey Joe Walcott, Ezzard Charles, Rocky Marciano and Ingemar Johansson picked Patterson to win. The fight also carried a number of social implications. Listonís connections with the mob were well known and the NAACP was concerned about having to deal with Listonís visibility as World Champion and had encouraged Patterson to not fight Liston, fearing that a Liston victory would tarnish the civil rights movement. Patterson said John F. Kennedy also did not want him to fight Liston.
Patteron lost his title to Liston in Chicago on September 25, 1962, by a first round knockout in front of 18,894 fans. The two fighters were a marked contrast. In the ring, Listonís size and power proved too much for Pattersonís guile and agility. However, Patterson did not use his speed to his benefit. According to Sports Illustrated writer Gilbert Rogin, Patterson did not punch enough and frequently tried to clinch with Liston. Liston battered Patterson with body shots and then shortened up and connected with two double hooks high on the head. The result at the time was the third fastest knockout in boxing history. After being knocked out, Patterson left Comiskey Park in Chicago wearing dark glasses and a fake beard for the drive back to New York. After the fight, questions were raised on whether the fight was fixed to set up a more lucrative rematch. Overnight, Patterson seemed to lose his public support as a result of his swift knockout.
The rematch was set for April 1963; however, Liston injured his knee swinging a golf club and the fight was delayed three months to July 22. In Las Vegas that night, Patterson attempted to become the first boxer to win the heavyweight title three times, but Liston once again knocked him out in the first round. Patterson lasted four seconds longer than the first bout. 
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Floyd Patterson vs Ali I
Floyd Patterson vs Cooper
Floyd Patterson vs Quarry I
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Floyd Patterson vs Jackson II
Floyd Patterson vs Rademacher
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Floyd Patterson vs McNeeley
Floyd Patterson vs Liston I
Floyd Patterson vs Liston II
Floyd Patterson vs Chuvalo (HL)
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Floyd Patterson vs Quarry II
Floyd Patterson vs Ellis
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Floyd Patterson vs Green
Floyd Patterson vs Bonavena
Floyd Patterson vs Ali II
Floyd Patterson vs Slade (HL)
Floyd Patterson vs Moore (HL)
Floyd Patterson Interview
Floyd Patterson vs Harris (HL)
Floyd Patterson vs Johansson I
Floyd Patterson vs Johansson II
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