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                     JEFF FENECH 24 fights on 8 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Jeff Fenech vs Shingaki I
Jeff Fenech vs Matienza
Jeff Fenech vs Farrell
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JEFF FENECH 24 fights on 8 boxing DVDS
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Jeff Fenech (born May 28, 1964) is an Australian retired boxer, a three weight world champion and a boxing trainer. During his career Fenech was trained by renowned Sydney based trainer Johnny Lewis.
Boxing Career
Fenech was born in St Peters, Sydney. After playing junior rugby league and getting into trouble with the Police as a kid, Fenech was turned onto boxing when he attended the Newtown Police Boys Club in Sydney where he met Johnny Lewis. From there Fenech has a stellar amateur career, which led to him representing his country at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles where he was selected as the boxing team captain. At the Olympics, Fenech lost a controversial Quarter final bout to Yugoslavian Redzep Redzepovski. Fenech was initially given the decision, but after intervention by the Olympic Boxing Committee and a total recount, the decision was reversed with Redzepovski being awarded the win. Many of the other boxers and those in the press, and not just those from Australia, felt that Fenech had been unfairly robbed of a chance to win an Olympic medal and most boxing writers noted how political amateur boxing was, especially at the Olympic Games.
It was that decision that led Fenech to turn professional later in 1984, and in his first professional fight defeated Bobby Williams by a knockout in two in his homeland. Fenech quickly gained a reputation as a fast starter: He won his first eleven bouts by knockout, and held his first fight abroad in only his fourth fight, when he beat Ilisa Manila by a knockout in two at Fiji.
He beat fringe contenders Wayne Mulholland and Rolando Navarro, both by a knockout in the fifth round, to start 1985. After those two wins, he was placed number one among the world's bantamweights by the International Boxing Federation. However, his early wins by KO had some of the press wondering if he could last the full 15 round distance.
Bantamweight champion
Fenech only took six professional fights to become the number one contender, and he placed in fifth place all time for the boxer who got to fight for the world title the fastest after beginning his career when he challenged Satoshi Shingaki for the IBF Bantamweight title in only his seventh bout, displacing the second Davey Moore, and trailing Leon Spinks, Saensak Muangsurin, Pete Rademacher and Rafael Lovera. Fenech was the third fastest boxer to become a world champion, behind Muangsuring and Spinks, when he knocked out Shingaki in nine rounds in front of a packed house at the Horden Pavilion in Sydney. After two non-title knockout wins, he gave Shingaki a rematch at the State Sports Centre in Sydney and retained the crown with a knockout in three. After one more non-title knockout win, Fenech had to go the distance for the first time, when he faced American Jerome Coffee at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, retaining the title by a 15 round unanimous decision.
In 1986, Fenech had only two bouts, but they were both major fights: He won a 10 round, non-title fight decision over former WBC bantamweight and future super bantamweight world champion Daniel Zaragoza, and he retained his IBF world championship with a TKO in 14 over American Steve McCrory in a bout dubbed "Olympic Revenge" by Fenech's then promoter Bill Mordy. McCrory, like Fenech, had competed in the Flyweight division at the Los Angeles Olympics, winning the Gold Medal by defeating Redzep Redzepovski in the Final. After the bout at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, Coffee graciously allowed the Australian to wear his Olympic Gold Medal to show off to the crowd. During the fight with McCrory, Fenech wore green and red trunks, the colors of the South Sydney Rabbitohs rugby league team with their tough forward Mario Fenech (no relation) in his corner. McCrory was trained out of the world famous Kronk Gym in Detroit.
Super bantamweight champion
1987 was a big year for Fenech. He went up in weight, and in his first fight as a super bantamweight, he defeated Tony Miller by a decision. Then, the WBC super bantamweight champion, Samart Payakaroon, travelled to Australia to defend his belt against Fenech. Fenech became a two weight world champion by knocking Payakarum out in four rounds.
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Jeff Fenech vs Grove
Jeff Fenech vs Tovar
Jeff Fenech vs Juarez
Jeff Fenech vs Holiday
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Jeff Fenech vs Shingaki II
Jeff Fenech vs Coffee
Jeff Fenech vs Zaragoza
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Jeff Fenech vs McCory
Jeff Fenech vs Miller
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Jeff Fenech vs Payakarun
Jeff Fenech vs Richardson
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Jeff Fenech vs Downes
Jeff Fenech vs Navarro
Jeff Fenech vs Villasana
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Jeff Fenech vs Martinez
Jeff Fenech vs Nelson I
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Jeff Fenech vs Francia
Jeff Fenech vs Nelson II
Jeff Fenech vs Zarate
Jeff Fenech vs Avila
Jeff Fenech vs Callejas