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                  NIGEL BENN 44 fights on 9 boxing DVDs
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NIGEL BENN 44  fights on 9 boxing DVDS
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Nigel Benn 44 Career Boxing Fights On 9 DVDs With Menus
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Nigel Benn vs Niewenhuizen
Nigel Benn vs Burnett
Nigel Benn vs Marks
Nigel Benn vs Morris
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Fights Boxing DVD 9
Nigel Benn vs Malinga II
Nigel Benn vs Collins I
Nigel Benn vs Collins II
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Nigel Benn vs Noel
Nigel Benn vs Wa Mbayo
Nigel Benn vs Watson
Nigel Benn vs Hobson
Nigel Benn vs Sanda
Nigel Benn vs Williams
Nigel Benn vs Logan
Nigel Benn vs Smith
Nigel Benn vs Barker
Nigel Benn vs Yoe
Nigel Benn vs Chantler
Nigel Benn vs Miller
Nigel Benn vs Chirino
Nigel Benn vs Prince
Nigel Benn vs Taylor
Nigel Benn vs Amparo
Nigel Benn vs Quinones
Nigel Benn vs Williams
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Nigel Benn vs DeWitt
Nigel Benn vs Barkley
Nigel Benn vs Eubank I
Nigel Benn vs Sims
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Nigel Benn vs Milo
Nigel Benn vs Morgan
Nigel Benn vs Lescano
Nigel Benn vs Sherry
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Nigel Benn vs Malinga
Nigel Benn vs Galvano
Nigel Benn vs Piper
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Nigel Benn vs Galvano II
Nigel Benn vs Gent
Nigel Benn vs Eubank II
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Nigel Benn vs Wharton
Nigel Benn vs Giminez
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Nigel Benn vs McClellan
Nigel Benn vs Nardiello
Nigel Benn vs Perez
Nigel Benn
In February 1995, Benn defended his 168 lb title against WBC middlewweight champion Gerald McClellan in a highly anticipated bout billed as "Sudden Impact". Going into the fight with Benn, McClellan had won his last 21 fights, the last 14 of those by knockout, and 13 of those 14 knockouts had come in rounds 1,2 or 3. McClellan had twice defeated one of the hardest punchers of all time in Julian Jackson, with knockouts in round 5 and round 1 respectively. McClellan had also never gone beyond round 8 in any previous fight in his career, insisting that he rarely needed more than three rounds to defeat his opponents.
Benn was knocked through the ropes as McClellan dominated round 1, but Benn hung on to survive the first round and fought his way back into the contest which developed into a brutal war. Benn was in control of the momentum of the fight around rounds 4-6 as McClellan struggled to keep his gumshield in his mouth. A desperate McClellan struck back in rounds 7 and 8, and Benn was knocked down again in the eighth, but an exhausted and drained McClellan was unable to follow up and Benn rallied to stop McClellan in round 10, as McClellan took a knee and was counted out by the referee. At the time of the stoppage, two judges had McClellan ahead and one had the fight even, although those scorecards are from the end of round 9, and therefore not counting the two knockdowns Benn scored on McClellan in the tenth.
McClellan was severely injured as a result of the fight. After collapsing in his corner after the fight had finished, McClellan was rushed to hospital where it was discovered he had developed a blood clot on the brain. To this day McClellan suffers from bad short term memory problems, is almost completely blind, partially deaf, and uses a wheelchair, although he has regained some movement and some of his hearing since 1995, having been 80% deaf in 1995 and can now walk with a cane. In 2007, McClellan, his sister and children attended a benefit dinner organised and hosted by Benn to help McClellan with his ongoing medical expenses.
After his grutal war with McClellan, Benn had two more successful title defences, with wins against future WBC title-holder Vincenzo Nardiello and against American Danny Perez, before Benn then lost his title to Malinga in 1996.
Benn vs. Collins I and II
In 1996, Benn twice attempted to take the WBO super middleweight title from Steve Collins but failed in both attempt: losing by TKO in round 4 in the first fight in July, after Benn sustained an ankle injury. Benn retired from boxing following his second loss to Collins in November, with his corner having retired Benn on his stool at the end of round 6.