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                  NIGEL BENN 44 fights on 9 boxing DVDs
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NIGEL BENN 44  fights on 9 boxing DVDS
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Nigel Benn 44 Career Boxing Fights On 9 DVDs With Menus
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Nigel Benn vs Niewenhuizen
Nigel Benn vs Burnett
Nigel Benn vs Marks
Nigel Benn vs Morris
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Fights Boxing DVD 9
Nigel Benn vs Malinga II
Nigel Benn vs Collins I
Nigel Benn vs Collins II
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Nigel Benn vs Noel
Nigel Benn vs Wa Mbayo
Nigel Benn vs Watson
Nigel Benn vs Hobson
Nigel Benn vs Sanda
Nigel Benn vs Williams
Nigel Benn vs Logan
Nigel Benn vs Smith
Nigel Benn vs Barker
Nigel Benn vs Yoe
Nigel Benn vs Chantler
Nigel Benn vs Miller
Nigel Benn vs Chirino
Nigel Benn vs Prince
Nigel Benn vs Taylor
Nigel Benn vs Amparo
Nigel Benn vs Quinones
Nigel Benn vs Williams
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Nigel Benn vs DeWitt
Nigel Benn vs Barkley
Nigel Benn vs Eubank I
Nigel Benn vs Sims
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Nigel Benn vs Milo
Nigel Benn vs Morgan
Nigel Benn vs Lescano
Nigel Benn vs Sherry
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Nigel Benn vs Malinga
Nigel Benn vs Galvano
Nigel Benn vs Piper
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Nigel Benn vs Galvano II
Nigel Benn vs Gent
Nigel Benn vs Eubank II
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Nigel Benn vs Wharton
Nigel Benn vs Giminez
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Nigel Benn vs McClellan
Nigel Benn vs Nardiello
Nigel Benn vs Perez
Nigel Gregory Benn (born January 22, 1964) is a British former professional boxer. Nicknamed the "Dark Destroyer" for his punching power and aggressive fighting style, Benn held the WBO middleweight and WBC super middleweight titles during a career which spanned eleven years, and he is ranked by BoxRec as the fourth best British super middleweight boxer of all time.
Barbadian British, he attended Loxford School of Science and Technology, Ilford, Greater London. Benn served for four and a half years in the British Army as an infantryman in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and was stationed in Germany for three years, then Northern Ireland during the Troubles for 18 months. Benn comes from a sporting family that includes a famous cousin in the football world, Paul Ince, who would often accompany Benn to the ring for his UK fights. Benn had a record of 41 wins and 1 loss as an amateur boxer, with the loss being against Rod Douglas, whom Benn later defeated.
Professional boxing career
Benn turned professional in 1987 and began a streak of consecutive knockout wins. This ensured a rapid rise through the professional ranks and during this time, Benn won the vacant Commonwealth middleweight title with a second round win over Abdul Umaru.
At 22-0 (22 KOs), Benn defended his Commonwealth title against Michael Watson in a heavily hyped bout in May 1989 at Finsbury Park, London. The fight even appeared on national television in the US. Throwing virtually nothing but hooks, Benn repeatedly failed to get through Watson's tight guard, and gradually tired whilst being stunned numerous times himself.
In the sixth round, Watson knocked Benn down with a jab and Benn was counted out as he rose to his feet, albeit by a somewhat hasty referee's count.
His next fight, against Jorge Amparo in Atlantic City, U.S., was his first fight abroad and also the first to last the full distance, with Benn winning a 10 round decision.
WBO middleweight champion
After two more wins, against Sanderline Williams and Jose Quinones, Benn fought WBO middleweight title holder Doug DeWitt of the USA in Atlantic City. Benn was knocked down in round two, but came back to knock DeWitt down in round three, then score three knockdowns in round eight to win the title.
His first defence came in August 1990 against former WBC champion Iran Barkley, whom he floored three times and stopped on the three knockdown rule at the end of the first round. Benn returned to the UK and met British rival Chris Eubank. They fought in Birmingham on November 18, 1990. Benn lost his title to Eubank when the referee stopped the fight in the ninth round.
WBC super middleweight champion
Benn then went on a winning streak of six fights leading up to another world title challenge. In 1991, he beat Marvin Hagler's half brother, Robbie Sims, by a knockout in round seven, followed by a close, disputed decision win against Thulani Malinga, and a one punch KO victory against Dan Sherry.
On October 10, 1992, Benn challenged Mauro Galvano for the WBC super middleweight title in Palaghiaccio de Marino, Marino, Lazio, Italy. After a controversial dispute at ringside over the official result after Galvano was unable to continue due to a severe cut, Benn was declared the winner and won the title by a fourth round TKO.
While still a dangerous, and damaging puncher, Benn's move to the higher weight limit saw him refine his fight strategy and adopt a more considered approach. The aggression remained but he relied less on one punch knockout  power and became a more effective, and adaptable fighter. He defended his title against fellow Britons Nicky Piper and Lou Gent, and a rematch victory over Mauro Galvano, before again boxing great rival Chris Eubank, who was now WBO super middleweight champion.