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        JOSE LUIS CASTILLO 23 fights on 9 boxing DVDs
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JOSE LUIS CASTILLO 23 fights on 9 boxing DVDS
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Jose Luis Castillo  23 Career Boxing Fights On 9 DVDs With Menus
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Fights Boxing DVD 1
Jose Luis Castillo vs Montes
Jose Luis Castillo vs Leon
Jose Luis Castillo vs Romero
Jose Luis Castillo vs Paez
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Jose Luis Castillo vs Ngoudjo
Jose Luis Castillo vs Hatton
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Jose Luis Castillo vs Johnston I
Jose Luis Castillo vs Johnston II
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Jose Luis Castillo vs Bazan
Jose Luis Castillo vs Yuh
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Jose Luis Castillo vs Mayweather I
Jose Luis Castillo vs Mayweather II
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Jose Luis Castillo vs Duran
Jose Luis Castillo vs Parks
Jose Luis Castillo vs Lazcano
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Jose Luis Castillo vs Casamayor
Jose Luis Castillo vs J. Diaz
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Jose Luis Castillo vs Corrales I
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Jose Luis Castillo vs Corrales II
Jose Luis Castillo vs Reyes
Jose Luis Castillo (born December 14, 1973) is a Mexican professional boxer. Generally considered one of the best lightweights of his era, he is a former Ring Magazine and two time WBC lightweight world champion. Castillo is best known for his first bout with Diego Corrales, for which he received Fight of the Year awards by both The Ring and Boxing Writers Association of America, as well as his first fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr., which ended with controversial scorecards.
Professional career
Castillo vs Johnston I & II
In 2000, having two straight wins over Jorge Paez and Steve Quinonez, Castillo challenged WBC lightweight titleholder and Ring No. 1 ranked Lightweight Stevie Johnston. Heavily favored as underdog, Castillo was slated to lose. Instead, Castillo scored the Ring Magazine Upset of the Year, defeating Johnston by a majority decision, in what was a very close fight. Three months later, they fought to a draw, memorable because miscalculation adding the scores led to an original announcement of Johnston regaining his title, which Castillo learned about when Johnston showed up in his dressing room to return the strap.
After fighting Johnson, Castillo defened his title against Ring Top 10 Lightweight, Cesar Bazan. Castillo defeated Bazan by 6th round TKO, dropping Bazan in the 5th and 6th rounds.
Castillo vs Mayweather I
In their first bout with undefeated American junior lightweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr., Castillo started slow but gradually lured the flashy boxer into a toe to toe battle. Castillo had great success in the middle rounds, when he cut off the ring and used his strength to try to wear down Mayweather. As the fight progressed, Castillo's power and pressure seemed to turn the fight in his favor, having tremendous success with body punching while Mayweather became more stationary, allowing the stronger Castillo to do significant work. Castillo closed the fight strong, outlanding Mayweather 35-20 in the 11th round and totally dominated the 12th. Punch stats showed Castillo with lopsided totals in every category; punches landed, thrown & power punches landed & thrown and overall connect percentages. Despite the clear advantages numerically, judges Jerry Roth and John Keane scored it 115-111, and judge Anek Hongtonkam scored it 116-111, all for Mayweather, a decision that was loudly booed by the crowd.
Castillo vs Mayweather II
After Mayweather's successful shoulder surgery, Castillo rematched with Mayweather. Mayweather used his quick footwork, combinations and his jab specialty to coast to another unanimous decision victory, this time with all analysts in agreement, including Harold Lederman. The smaller Mayweather was again outweighed by Castillo on the night of the fight, as Castillo weighted 147 and Mayweather weighted 138.
Castillo vs Lazcano
On June 5, 2004, Castillo regained the Lightweight title and won the vacant Ring Lightweight title by defeating ring No. 1 ranked Lightweight, Juan Lazcano, Castillo won the fight by unanimous decision, by the scores of 117-111, 116-112, and 115-113.
Castillo vs Casamayor
In Castillo's first title defense, he fought former Super Featherweight and future Lightweight champion, Joel Casamayor. In what was a very close fight, Castillo was awarded the close and controversial split decision. The scores were 116-112 and 117-111 for Castillo, and 115-113 for Casamayor. Castillo's next fight was a title defense against Ring Top 10 Lightweight, Julio Diaz, which Castillo won by TKO in the 10th round.
Castillo vs Corrales I
On May 7, 2005, Castillo fought WBO Lightweight champion and Ring No. 1 ranked Lightweight, Diego Corrales. Corrales defeated Castillo for the WBC lightweight title via TKO in the tenth round.
Jose Luis Castillo vs Mota
Jose Luis Castillo vs Ladd
Jose Luis Castillo vs Macias