Carlos Zarate 13 Career Boxing Fights On 3 DVDs With Menus
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              CARLOS ZARATE 13 fights on 3 boxing DVDS
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Carlos Zarate vs Amores
Carlos Zarate vs Martinez
Carlos Zarate vs Ferreri
Carlos Zarate vs Zamora
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CARLOS ZARATE 13 fights on 3 boxing DVDS
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Carlos Zarate
Zarate finished 1977 with a trip to Spain, where he retained the belt against challenger Juan Francisco Rodriguez, beaten in five. In 1978, he started out by meeting future world champion Alberto Davila, whom he knocked out in eight at Los Angeles to retain his belt. Then, in April of that year, he made his first of two trips to Puerto Rico that year, to fight challenger Andres Hernandez, who lasted until the 13th round at San Juan's Roberto Clemente coliseum.
Zarate vs Gomez
After retaining the title against Emilio Hernandez by a knockout in four and winning a non'title bout, Zarated announced he was moving up in weight and challenging the WBC Super Bantamweight champion Wilfredo Gomez. According to many experts and the Ring Magazine book The Ring: Boxing In The 20th Century, Gomez and Zarate had the highest knockout win percentage of any two boxers paired inside a ring in history: When Gomez and Zarate met on October 28, also at Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan, the challenger and still world Bantamweight champion Zarate was 52-0 with 51 knockouts, while defending world Super Bantamweight champion Gomez was 21-0-1 with 21 knockouts. Zarate went to the floor four times and tasted the sour taste of defeat for the first time in his career when he was beaten by a knockout in five rounds.
Return to Bantamweight
In 1979, Zarate made what would turn out to be his last successful defense, with a third round knockout win over Mensah Kpalongo in Los Angeles. After winning a not-title bout against Celso Chairez by a knockout in five in Houston, Texas, Zarate met gym-mate Lupe Pintor in Las Vegas and lost a close and controversial 15 round decision. Enraged by losing a decision he (as well as many fans) thought undeserved, he announced his retirement from boxing and vowed never to fight as a professional again.
Five year retirement
Zarate spent five years in retirement, but the tempation of the public adulation boxers receive when they become champions and the aroma of the boxing ring led him back into competition as a boxer. Despite still retaining an acceptable amount of his boxing ability, Zarate was nonetheless, a shadow of what he was before his 5 year retirement. In his return bout in 1986 against Adam Garcia, he won a four round decision. 11 more victories in a row, all by knockout, including one over then number one world Super Bantamweight challenger Richard Savage (knocked out by Zarate in five in Mexico City), made him the WBC's number one challenger at the Super Bantamweight division once again.
And so, on October 1987, he traveled to Austalia to meet the man boxing fans consider to be the greatest Australian world champion of all time: Jeff Fenech. In a fight contested for Fenech's world Super Bantamweight title, Zarate lost by a four round technical decision. After Fenech vacated the title soon after to pursue the world Featherweight crown, Zarate and countryman Daniel Zaragoza met for the vacant world championship belt but Zarate came back on the losing end once again, being knocked out in the tenth round and finally announcing his retirement for good.
During the 1990s he also became a member of the International Boxing Hall Of Fame, and in 2003, he and Wilfredo Gomez met at a boxing undercard in Puerto Rico to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their boxing bout.
He had a record of 66 wins and 4 losses as a professional boxer, with 63 wins by knockout.
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Carlos Zarate vs Kpalogo
Carlos Zarate vs Pintor
Carlos Zarate vs Fenech
Carlos Zarate vs Zaragoza
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Carlos Zarate vs Batista
Carlos Zarate vs Rodriguez
Carlos Zarate vs A. Hernandez
Carlos Zarate vs E. Hernandez
Carlos Zarate vs Gomez