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       MICHAEL CARBAJAL 36 fights on 11 boxing DVDS
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MICHAEL CARBAJAL  36 fights on 11 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 1
Michael Carbajal vs Grigsby
Michael Carbajal vs Perez
Michael Carbajal vs Rojas
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Michael Carbajal vs De Luca
Michael Carbajal vs Acosta
Michael Carbajal vs Martinez
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Michael Carbajal vs Kittikasem
Michael Carbajal vs Monzote
Michael Carbajal vs Salazar
Michael Carbajal vs Santos
Michael Carbajal vs Varguez
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Michael Carbajal vs Patri
Michael Carbajal vs Chong
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Michael Carbajal vs Pacheco
Michael Carbajal vs Roman
Michael Carbajal vs J. Diaz
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Michael Carbajal vs Cuesta
Michael Carbajal vs Gonzalez I
Michael Carbajal vs Kim
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Michael Carbajal vs Sosa
Michael Carbajal vs Gonzalez II
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Michael Carbajal vs Camacho
Michael Carbajal vs Gonzalez III
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Michael Carbajal vs M. Diaz
Michael Carbajal vs Cob-Castro
Michael Carbajal vs Sarabia
Michael Carbajal vs Coronell
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Michael Carbajal vs Cordova
Michael Carbajal vs Pastrana
Michael Carbajal vs Olson
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Michael Carbajal vs Matlala
Michael Carbajal vs Calzada
Michael Carbajal vs Arce
Michael Carbajal 36 Career Boxing Fights On 11 DVDs With Menus
Michael Carbajal
A title holder again, Carbajal set to try to recover his International Boxing Federation and WBC belts against Gonzalez in a third unification bout between the boxers. In November 1994, three months after the Camacho victory, they met again, this time in Mexico City. Once again, it was a split decision, and once again, Carbajal came out on the losing end. He wouldn't give up, however, and he kept training under the guidance of his brother Danny Carbajal, the only man ever to train Michael.
IBF light flyweight title
He put another string of seven wins together, against the likes of former world champion Jose Quirino, whom he stopped in one round, and tough Mauro Salas, who lasted seven. Then he met two time world champion Melchor Cob Castro in Las Vegas for the vacant International Boxing Federation Junior Flyweight title. Carbajal beat Castro by unanimous decision to claim his fourth world title.
His third title reign lasted 22 months and three defenses, including an eighth round knockout of tough two time challenger Tomas Rivera, before he lost his crown again. On January 18, 1997, Carbajal suddenly looked aged and was unable to do anything against the charges of Colombian Mauricio Pastrana. Carbajal still made the fight close, but lost a twelve round split decision.
After that, Carbajal met Canada's Scotty Olson in San Antonio, Texas. Carbajal showed he had more left than Olson did, and dominated the fight until a spectacular right hand sent Olson down for the count in round 11.
The win over Olson gave Carbajal a minor title, but in July 1997 in Las Vegas once again, he was defeated by South Africa's Jacob Matlala. Matlala handed Carbajal his first inside the distance defeat ever, stopping the past-his-prime former world champion in round nine via cuts. Carbajal did not fight for 19 months after this defeat.
Second comeback, WBO title win, and retirement
Carbajal announced a comeback early in 1999. He won three bouts, including a TKO victory over former champion Jose de Jesus, and on July 31, 1999, he took the short flight from Phoenix to Tijuana to challenge WBO world Junior Flyweight champion Jorge Arce, who was fighting in his hometown. Arce dominated Carbajal for nine off the first ten rounds, but Carbajal floored the 21 year old Arce in the sixth round. The fight moved along, and in the 11th round, Carbajal struck Arce with a right hand that sent him into the ropes. The referee stopped the fight, and Michael Carbajal was a world champion for the fifth time.
Michael Carbajal vs Nunez
Michael Carbajal vs Herrera
Michael Carbajal vs Banda