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       MICHAEL CARBAJAL 36 fights on 11 boxing DVDS
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MICHAEL CARBAJAL  36 fights on 11 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 1
Michael Carbajal vs Grigsby
Michael Carbajal vs Perez
Michael Carbajal vs Rojas
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Michael Carbajal vs De Luca
Michael Carbajal vs Acosta
Michael Carbajal vs Martinez
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Michael Carbajal vs Kittikasem
Michael Carbajal vs Monzote
Michael Carbajal vs Salazar
Michael Carbajal vs Santos
Michael Carbajal vs Varguez
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Michael Carbajal vs Patri
Michael Carbajal vs Chong
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Michael Carbajal vs Pacheco
Michael Carbajal vs Roman
Michael Carbajal vs J. Diaz
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Michael Carbajal vs Cuesta
Michael Carbajal vs Gonzalez I
Michael Carbajal vs Kim
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Michael Carbajal vs Sosa
Michael Carbajal vs Gonzalez II
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Michael Carbajal vs Camacho
Michael Carbajal vs Gonzalez III
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Michael Carbajal vs M. Diaz
Michael Carbajal vs Cob-Castro
Michael Carbajal vs Sarabia
Michael Carbajal vs Coronell
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Michael Carbajal vs Cordova
Michael Carbajal vs Pastrana
Michael Carbajal vs Olson
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Michael Carbajal vs Matlala
Michael Carbajal vs Calzada
Michael Carbajal vs Arce
Michael Carbajal 36 Career Boxing Fights On 11 DVDs With Menus
Michael Carbajal (born September 17, 1967 in Phoenix, Arizona) is an American five time world boxing champion of Mexican descent. His nickname was "Little Hands Of Stone," after his favorite boxer, "Hands Of Stone" Roberto Duran.
Amateur career
- 1986 National Golden Gloves Light Flyweight champion.
- 1987 Carbajal won the silver medal at the 1987 Pan American Games.
- 1988 United States amateur Light Flyweight champion.
- Olympic silver medalist as a Light Flyweight at 1988 Seoul Olympics.
His amateur record was 94-9.
Professional career
Seven months after the Olympics, in February 1989, Carbajal made his debut in front of a national television audience as part of the card where Duran became a four time world champion by beating Iran Barkley in Atlantic City. In his first fight, Carbajal outboxed another future world champion, Will Gregsby.
Carbajal followed that win with a spectacular first round knockout of Silviano Perez on NBC. In his tenth bout, he met Pedro Feliciano, handing him a ten round beating. Four more wins followed, and Carbajal was presented with an opportunity to fight for a world championship.
IBF Light flyweight title
On July 29, 1990, Carbajal faced Muangchai Kittikasem, who came to Phoenix from Thailand to defend his IBF light flyweight championship. Carbajal methodically took apart the champion in front of an ABC national audience. In round 7, after a combination of punches left Kittikasem lying defenseless against the ropes, the referee stepped in and stopped the fight, making Carbajal the world champion for the first time in his career.
Carbajal began a string of twelve victories over the next two and a half years, including six title defenses against challengers such as Leon Salazar, Hector Patri, Kim Kwang-Sun and Robinson Cuesta, and a win over future champion Jesus Chong in a non title fight.
Unification against Humberto "Chiquita" Gonzalez
He then fought a highly anticipated unification match with WBC champon Humberto Gonzalez on March 13, 1993. Carbajal and Gonzalez became the first Junior Flyweights in history to earn a million dollar purse, and it was the first Junior Flyweight championship bout to headline a pay-per-view event.
Carbajal was downed in rounds 2 and 5, and he was bleeding from his right eyebrow when he blasted a tremendous left hand to the side of Gonzalez's chin in the seventh round. Gonzalez turned sideways, and Carbajal landed another right hand that sent him to the canvas. Gonzalez could not beat the count, and Michael Carbajal had unified the world's Junior Flyweight championship in The Ring's fight of the year. He would also be named fighter of the year for 1993.
More television endorsement deals followed, including televison ads for Diet Pepsi and Emergency Chiropractors, but trouble seemed to follow, as well. He was accused of firing gunshots onto the roof of a party in Scottsdale.
This unwanted attention seemed to take its toll on Carbajal, and after two additional defenses, he fough Gonzalez once again in a pay-per-view match in Los Angeles, California. In his 11th world title fight, Carbajal suffered the first loss of his career as he was defeated by a controversial 12 round split decision.
WBO light flyweight title
Carbajal next took on former sparring partner Abner Barajas, winning by a fifth round knockout in Laughlin, Nevada, and then was given another shot at a world title by the WBO title holder Josue Camacho, who came from Puerto Rico to the Challenger's hometown to defend his title.
Michael Carbajal vs Nunez
Michael Carbajal vs Herrera
Michael Carbajal vs Banda