Mikkel Kessler 38 Career Boxing Fights On 12 DVDs With Motion Menus
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               MIKKEL KESSLER 38 fights on 12 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Mikkel Kessler vs Corleone
Mikkel Kessler vs Lubo
Mikkel Kessler vs Stockton
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MIKKEL KESSLER 38 fights on 12 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 10
Mikkel Kessler vs Froch I
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Mikkel Kessler vs Siaca
Mikkel Kessler vs Mundine
Mikkel Kessler vs Beyer
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Mikkel Kessler vs Menefee
Mikkel Kessler vs Rubes
Mikkel Kessler vs Julio
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Mikkel Kessler vs Martin
Mikkel Kessler vs De Leon
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Mikkel Kessler vs Zdziarski
Mikkel Kessler vs Williams
Mikkel Kessler vs Thobela
Mikkel Kessler vs Cummings
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Mikkel Kessler vs Calzaghe
Mikkel Kessler vs Perdomo
Fights Boxing DVD 12
Mikkel Kessler vs Froch II
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Mikkel Kessler vs Green
Mikkel Kessler vs Magee
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Mikkel Kessler vs Porras
Mikkel Kessler vs Green
Mikkel Kessler vs Thysse
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Mikkel Kessler vs Lucas
Mikkel Kessler vs Andrade
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Mikkel Kessler vs Ward
Mikkel Kessler
Super Six
Kessler vs. Ward
His first fight was against Andre Ward on 21 November 2009 for Kessler's WBA Super Middleweight Championship in the Super Six World Boxing Classic. Kessler lost his championship to Andre Ward. The fight was stopped in the eleventh round due to cuts on Kessler's face caused by what were deemed as unintentional headbutts by Ward, five in total. Kessler expressed in the post fight interview that he couldn't get out of first gear due to the headbutts and excessive clinching from Ward, ant that he was eventually blinded by one of Ward's headbutts which on the post fight replay showed Ward ram his forehead directly into Kessler's eye. The fight went to the scorecards and Ward was far ahead by scores of 98-92, 98-92, 97-93 at the time of the stoppage.
Kessler vs. Froch
On 24 April 2010 Kessler returned to fight against Britain's undefeated WBC Champion Carl Froch, a match that was called "a classic" and "one of the best matches in Danish boxing ever." The contest went the distance and Kessler was handed a unanimous decision with scores of 115-113, 116-112 and 117-111. With the win, Kessler became a two time WBC Champion, handing Carl Froch his first defeat in the process. Froch later stated that he'd suffered a minor ear injury during training and he felt he would've won the fight if it had been held in his home country of England, but congratulated Kessler on his victory.
Andre Ward later praised Kessler tremendously in an interview, calling Kessler "skill wise.. the toughest I've fought so far." Ward went on to express admiration over Kessler's career and dispelling any criticism after his own victory over Kessler. "People want to put down Mikkel Kessler because of our fight but he's proven himself. He's proven that if he loses a title he can come back and become champion again, he did that after out fight so now he's a three time world champion. Anybody that can win a world title three times and only have two losses in the process says a lot. He's a great fighter and I give him a lot of credit and I have a lot of respect for him.
On 25 August Kessler announced he was withdrawing from the Super Six tournament due to the worsening of the eye injury he suffered in his fight against Ward. According to Ekstra Bladet newspaper, Kessler stated he was seeing double. Doctors told him he must take a nine month break from boxing.
Kessler vs Bouadla
Mikkel Kessler suddenly announced his comeback, and fought against Mehdi Bouadla and scored a victory by TKO. Mikkel claimed that if he had lost this fight he would retire. He was scheduled to fight against Robert Stieglitz in Copenhagen, Denmark at Parken Stadium, but the fight was cancelled due to a hand injury Kessler sustained in training.
Mikkel Kessler vs Clark
Mikkel Kessler vs Sparkman
Mikkel Kessler vs Murillo
Mikkel Kessler vs Ivory
Mikkel Kessler vs Rojas
Mikkel Kessler vs D'Alessandro
Mikkel Kessler vs Whittaker
Mikkel Kessler vs Younan
Mikkel Kessler vs Hernandez
Mikkel Kessler vs Sobral
Mikkel Kessler vs Allen