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             RONALD WRIGHT 23 fights on 12 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Ronald Wright vs Martinez
Ronald Wright vs Vasquez
Ronald Wright vs Bingham
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RONALD WRIGHT 23 fights on 12 boxing DVDS
Ronald Wright 23 Career Boxing Fights On 12 DVDs With Motion Menus
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Fights Boxing DVD 2
Ronald Wright vs Foster
Ronald Wright vs Dodson
Ronald Wright vs Simon
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Ronald Wright vs Hernandez
Ronald Wright vs Mosley I
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Ronald Wright vs Vargas
Ronald Wright vs McKart II
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Ronald Wright vs Mullings
Ronald Wright vs Frazier
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Ronald Wright vs Quartey
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Ronald Wright vs Papillion
Ronald Wright vs McKart III
Ronald Wright vs Candelo
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Ronald Wright vs Mosley II
Ronald Wright vs Trinidad
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Ronald Wright vs Soliman
Ronald Wright vs Taylor
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Ronald Wright vs Hopkins
Ronald Lamont "Winky" Wright (born November 26, 1971) is an American former professional boxer who held the undisputed light middleweight title and fought many notable world champions. Wright announced his retirement from boxing on June 4, 2012, following a loss to Peter Quillin.
Amateur career
After an amateur career that saw him accumulate and amateur record of 65-7 (even though most sources say 52-5 because they could not confirm the exact number of amateur fights that Wright had) he turned professional in 1990.
Professional career
After his second round knockout of Carlos Santana on July 30, 1992, in St. Petersburg, Florida, the ring announcer called him "Winky" Wright, the name given to him by his grandmother when he was 6 months old and that had unofficially stuck with him since he was 18 months old. The nickname stuck with him for the rest of his career following his win over Santana.
Big time promoters like Don King and Lou Duva would not promote Wright in the early part of his career. His first big time promoters were the French based Acaries brothers, who struck a deal for Wright to fight Darryl Lattimore in Luxembourg on January 1, 1993. Wright knocked Lattimore down three times, and the fight was stopped. Wright went on a tear during his tour of Europe, winning 8 straight in France, Germany, Monte Carlo, only fighting in the United States once over the next year.
First title shot
On August 21, 1994, Wright received his first title match against WBA light middleweight champion Julio Cesar Vasquez in Saint Jean-de-Luz, France. Although he was 25-0 at the time, Wright had not fought in a match that had gone more than 8 rounds. His inexperience showed as Winky lost a unanimous decision, with Vasquez knocking down Wright in the second, seventh and ninth rounds, as well as twice in the twelfth round (Wright also officially slipped 3 times during the fight and 4 times unofficially). However, the decision proved controversial, as Vasquez only won the fight on the knock downs he scored (with Wright appearing to win every round (except the third round, which appeared to be even) that Vasquez did not knock him down in) and that the knock down (which was the first knock down) in the second round was a controversial variation of a slip (the one unofficial slip in the fight), which would mean that if it was not controversially ruled a knock down, Wright would have narrowly won the fight on the scorecards (on a one point margin): 112-111.
However though on February 4, 1995, Wright would bounce back in his typical fashion, defeating Tony Marshall by unanimous decision to win the vacant NABF light middleweight title.
Ongoing world tour and winning the WBO title
Wright continued fighting in Europe, only fighting in the United States once, until his unanimous decision victory against Andrew Council on March 5, 1996. His impressive win opened the door to fight WBO light middleweight champion Bronco McKart, a fight Wright won by split decision. Wright successfully defended his title in England three times; twice in Manchester against local fighters Ensley Bingham and Steve Foster, and Adrian Dodson in London.
Wright then traveled to South africa where he lost his world title in controversial circumstances to the undefeated Harry Simon. After a very close contest the fight was initially ruled a draw, then minutes later cahnged to a majority decision win for Simn due to an apparent scoring error.
Moving to America
He stopped working with the Acaries brothers in 1999, stating that he was tired of all the travelling. He went on to knock out Derrick Graham in the third round in Miami, Florida. Wright then challenged IBF light middleweight champion Fernando Vargas. Although some ringside fans and members of the media felt that Wright had won the fight, Vargas ended up winning a controversial majority decision. Harold Lederman (a ringside boxing broadcaster for HBO) scored the bout 115-113, for Wright.
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Ronald Wright vs Williams
Fights Boxing DVD 12
Ronald Wright vs Quillin