James Toney 28 Career Boxing Fights On 16 DVDs With Menus
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             JAMES TONEY 28 fights on 16 boxing DVDs
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JAMES TONEY  28 fights on 16 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 1
James Toney vs Nunn
James Toney vs Dell'Aquilla
James Toney vs McCallum I
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Fights Boxing DVD 2
James Toney vs Wolfe
James Toney vs Stackhouse
Fights Boxing DVD 3
James Toney vs McCallum II
James Toney vs DeWitt
Fights Boxing DVD 4
James Toney vs Barkley
Fights Boxing DVD 5
James Toney vs Hembrick I
James Toney vs Littles
Fights Boxing DVD 6
James Toney vs Jones Jr.
James Toney vs Griffin I
Fights Boxing DVD 7
James Toney vs Oliver
James Toney vs Griffin II
Fights Boxing DVD 8
James Toney vs McCallum III
Fights Boxing DVD 9
James Toney vs Washington
James Toney vs McGroom
James Toney vs C. Butler
Fights Boxing DVD 10
James Toney vs Asipeli
Fights Boxing DVD 11
James Toney vs Robinson
James Toney vs Jirov
Fights Boxing DVD 12
James Toney vs Holyfield
James Toney vs Booker
Fights Boxing DVD 13
James Toney vs Ruiz
Fights Boxing DVD 14
James Toney vs Peter I
Fights Boxing DVD 15
James Toney vs Peter II
Fights Boxing DVD 16
James Toney vs Rahman II
James Toney vs Oquendo
James Toney
James Toney vs Roy Jones Jr.
Jones won a landslide decision over Toney, an upset at the time, briefly flooring Toney for the first time with a flash knockdown in the 3rd round. Jones used one of his “cockfighting” feints to lure Toney in, and as Toney mocked Jones, Toney got caught with a leaping left hook. After the fight Toney blamed making the weight for his flat performance and the loss of his cherished unbeaten record. It was his last fight at the weight.
His next fight saw him lose to Montell Grifin at light heavyweight in February 1995. After then winning a series of fights at light heavyweight, cruiserweight, and even heavyweight, he again faced Montell Griffin in December 1996 and once again lost a close decision. He beat old foe Mike McCallum in February 1997, but then lost to journeyman Drake Thadzi in his next fight.
After taking some time off from the ring, Toney came back in 1999, seemingly focused on reclaiming his status as an elite fighter. He defeated former title holders and title contenders Adolpho Washington, Steve Little, Ramon Garbey, Saul Montana, Sione Asipeli, Courtney Butler, and Michael Rush. In August 2002, Toney beat Jason Robinson in an IBF cruiserweight title elimination fight. This set up a fight between Toney and the champion Vassiliy Jirov. After a postponement, the fight happened on April 26, 2003. Going into the 12th and final round, with the scores fairly even and the fight in the balance, Toney knocked the undefeated Jirov down in the 12th. The Kazakh rose from the canvas to go to the distance, but Toney got the judges verdict and was now a three weight World Champion.
For Toney’s performance he was awarded comeback of the year and named fighter of the year. The fight itself was named “Fight Of The Year” by The Ring magazine. Immediately afterward, Toney moved up to heavyweight.
On November 4, 2011, Toney stepped into the ring at 199 lbs., the lowest he has been since 2003 against Russian star Denis Lebedev in Russia for the interim WBA World cruiserweight title. Toney was never competitive throughout the bout after encountering problems with his left knee during round two, and the judges all had it 120-108 for Lebedev. A week after the fight it was revealed Toney needed surgery to repair his knee.
As far back as Toney’s middleweight years, he insisted that he would one day be the heavyweight champion of the world. His October 4, 2003, victory over aging former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield was Toney’s entry into the heavyweight division. After a shaky first round, Toney picked apart Holyfield with shots to the body and head before stopping him in the 9th round. After the fight Toney declared he was “undestructable”, that he “got milk baby” and didn’t want any “bad ass questions” from announcer Jim Gray.