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                    BOB FOSTER 14 fights on 4 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Bob Foster vs Tiger
Bob Foster vs DePaul
Bob Foster vs Kendall
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Bob Foster 14 fights on 4 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 4
Bob Foster vs Jones
Bob Foster vs Terrell
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Bob Foster vs Ali
Bob Foster vs Ahumada (HL)
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Bob Foster vs Thomas
Bob Foster vs Hicks
Bob Foster vs Fourie II
Robert Lloyd Foster (December 15, 1938 - November 21, 2015) was an American professional boxer who fought as a light heavyweight and heavyweight. Known as "The Deputy Sheriff", Foster was one of the greatest light heavyweight champions in boxing history. He won the undisputed light heavyweight title from Dick Tiger in 1968 via fourth round knockout, and went on to defend his crown fourteen times in total from 1968 to 1974. Foster challenged heavyweight kings Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali during his career, but was knocked out by both fighters (the fight with Ali was not for a world heavyweight tile, but for the reional NABF version).
Foster retired from professional boxing in 1978, at the age of 40.
Early years
Foster started his professional career on the night of March 27, 1961, against Duke Williams in Washington, D.C., winning by knockout in two rounds. The first 12 bouts of his career were spent campaigning in the United States' Eastern coast and in Canada. In his tenth bout, he made his first of multiple forays into the Heavyweight division, and suffered his first loss, at the hands of Doug Jones by a knockout in the eighth round.
After two more wins, he went in 1963 to Peru, where he lost to south American champion Mauro Mina by a decision in ten rounds at Lima.
Three more fights back in the States resulted in quick knockout wins for him and then, in 1964 he made his second attemp at entering the heavyweight rankings, being knocked out in the seventh by future world Heavyweight champion Ernie Terrell. He finished the year by posting three more knockout wins at Light Heavyweight, two of them in the month of November. The night of November 11 was Foster's first fight of note as a light heavyweight. One month after knocking out Don Quinn in the first round, he stepped up in the ring again and faced former world title challenger Henry Hank. He beat Hank by a knockout in the tenth.
In 1966 he defeated Leroy Green in two rounds.
By 1967, Foster, although his attempts to become a top Heavyweight were being frustrated, was a ranked light heavyweight. He decided to stick to the light heavyweight division for the time being, and he won all seven of his fights, six by knockout. Among the fighters he beat were Eddie Cotton, Eddie Vick, and Sonny Moore. After defeating Moore, Foster was the world's number one ranked Light Heavyweight challenger.
World light-heavyweight champion
In 1968, Foster got his first shot at a world title. At Madison Square Garden in New York, on the night of March 24, Foster became world champion by knocking out Dick Tiger in four rounds. Tiger had been a two time world middleweight champion and was defending his world light-heavyweight crown that night. Foster then decided to box at heavyweight once again, and beat future George Foreman victim Charlie Polite by a knockout in three. He ended that year defeating Vick again, and his future world title challenger Roger Rouse, both by a knockout.
In 1969, he began by rising off the canvas to knock out Frank De Paula in the same first round and retain his belt. It is believed that was the first time ever a boxer won a world title fight in the first round after being floored in that same round.
Foster's next fight in 1969 was against Andy Kendall, whom he beat in four rounds by knockout, to once again retain the crown. He closed the 1960s with two more knockout wins.
Frazier vs Foster
In 1970, Foster made two more trips to the heavyweights. In the first, he beat finge contender Lee Wallace in six rounds by knockout. This was followed by a return to the light-heavyweight division to defend his title against rouse.
Bob Foster vs Frazier
Bob Foster vs Rondon
Bob Foster vs Quarry
Bob Foster vs Finnegan