Julian Jackson 27 Career Boxing Fights On 7 DVDs With Menus
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              JULIAN JACKSON 27 fights on 7 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Julian Jackson vs Sepulveda
Julian Jackson vs Fox
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JULIAN JACKSON 27 fights on 7 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 7
Julian Jackson vs Gutierrez
Julian Jackson vs Phillips
Julian Jackson vs Jones
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Julian Jackson vs Harris
Julian Jackson vs Drane
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Julian Jackson vs Norris
Julian Jackson vs Graham
Julian Jackson vs Milton
Julian Jackson vs Negron
Julian Jackson vs Collins
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Julian Jackson vs Tate
Julian Jackson vs McClellan I
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Julian Jackson vs Ayala
Julian Jackson vs McClellan II
Julian Jackson vs Cardamone
Julian Jackson vs Taylor
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Julian Jackson vs Aguilar
Julian Jackson vs Ford
Julian Jackson
Born Julian Alexis Jackson on September 12, 1960 in saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Began boxing as an 11 year old and compiled a 15-2 amateur record that includes a win over Livingston Bramble.
Renowned for concussive punching power in either hand, the 5’ 11.5” Jackson turned professional in 1981 and scored 29 consecutive victories, 27 by knockout, before challenging Mike McCallum for the WBA super welterweight title (TKO by 2) in 1986. Jackson rebounded to capture the vacant WBA 154 pound title by stopping In Chul Baek in three rounds the next year and reigned until 1990 with defenses over Buster Drayton (TKO 3) and Terry Norris (TKO 2) among others. “The Hawk” became a two division champion when he captured the vacant WBC middleweight title with a 4th round KO over Herol Graham in 1990. He registered four title defenses, including wins over Dennis Milton (KO 1) Ismael Negron (TKO 1) and Thomas Tate (W 12) among others before losing to Gerald McClellan (TKO by 5) in 1993. Jackson regained the WBC title in 1995 with a 2nd round TKO over Agostino Cardamone.
In May 1993 Jackson had his showdown with another big hitter, Gerald McClellan. This time the challenger prevailed, as Jackson failed to find the knockout blow when hitting McClellan with hard punches and controlling Rounds 2 and 3, with McClellan turning the fight around and knocking Jackson down twice in the fifth round. The second knockdown prompted the referee to stop the fight, after Jackson made it to his feet yet remained unsteady. After winning his next three fights, Jackson had another shot at the title in May 1994 in a rematch with McClellan. In a very brief fight, Jackson hit McClellan with some hard punches, but Jackson was then hurt himself and put under heavy pressure by McClellan, with McClellan flooring Jackson with a left hook to the body after 65 seconds. The referee counted Jackson out as he rose to his feet.
After McClellan vacated the title to move up to super-middleweight, Jackson would have a second but brief reign as WBC middleweight champion, beating the previously undefeated European champion Agostino Cardamone in March 1995. Jackson had a shaky end to the first round, during which he was hurt and put under pressure until the bell by Cardamone, who wasn’t considered a hard puncher. In round two however, Jackson again showed his punching power by suddenly dropping Cardamone heavily with a short right hand. Cardamone managed to make it to his feet but remained badly shaken, forcing the referee to stop the fight.
Jackson lost the title in his first defense against Quincy Taylor in August 1995, by a sixth round stoppage. During the fight with Taylor, Jackson tore his rotator cuff and looked a shadow of his former self. Jackson would have four more low-key victories, before ending his career with losses to Verno Phillips and Anthony Jones, both in nine rounds, in 1998.
Julian Jackson vs Roque
Julian Jackson vs Brown
Julian Jackson vs Warrior
Julian Jackson vs Ramsey
Julian Jackson vs McCallum
Julian Jackson vs Baek
Julian Jackson vs Drayton