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           JOSE NAPOLES 10 fights on 3 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Jose Napoles vs Toro
Jose Napoles vs Backus I
Jose Napoles vs Backus II
Jose Napoles vs Lewis I
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JOSE NAPOLES 10 fights on 3 boxing DVDS
Jose Napoles 10 Career Boxing Fights On 3 DVDs With Menus
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Fights Boxing DVD 2
Jose Napoles vs Lopez II
Jose Napoles vs Gray
Jose Napoles vs Monzon
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Jose Napoles vs Saldano
Jose Napoles vs Muniz I
Jose Napoles vs Stracey
Jose Angel Napoles (born April 13, 1940) is a Cuban boxer and former world welterweight champion, who is frequently ranked as one of the greatest fighters of all time in that division. After debuting professionally in Cuba, Napoles fought out of Mexico where he was adopted as a national hero and is a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame.
He debuted as a professional boxer on August 2, 1958 in Cuba, knocking out Julio Rojas in the first round. Napoles' first 18 bouts were in Cuba, against mostly unknown competition. He did beat Angel Garcia and Leslie Grant, but lost to Hilton Smith (in his first defeat).
After beating Enrique Carabeo in March 1961, Napoles found himself a new challenge, outside of the ring; Cuban president Fidel Castro banned professional boxing in Cuba, and Napoles soon found his career in jeopardy.
He found asylum in Mexico, where he soon found himself back inside the ring, beating Enrique Camarena by a knockout in two rounds on July 21, 1962. He won all four of his fights that year.
In 1963, he won seven bouts and lost two. He was defeated by Tony Perez and Alfredo Urbina, both by decision, but he beat JC Morgan, by knockot in seven rounds, in Venezuela.
1964 was a successful year for Napoles. He travelled to Japan, where he beat Taketeru Yoshimoto by knockout in round one, and he beat future world champion Carlos Moroch Hernandez by knockout in round seven, this time back in Venezuela. In addition to those wins, he avenged his loss to Urbina by knocking him out twice, the first time in the first round and the second time in the third.
He won three more fights in 1965, including another win against Morgan, before seeing a raise in opposition quality when he faced the former world Junior Welterweight champion Eddie Perkens, beating him by decision in ten rounds. For his next fight, he met his own future world title challenger, Adolph Pruitt, beating him by knockout in round three.
In 1966, he won five fights, all by knockout, and lost one, to arch-rival Morgan, who knocked him out in round four. This would be his last loss in four years.
Welterweight champion
Napoles began a streak of 20 wins in a row, 13 of them before challenging for the world's welterweight title. These included avenging the loss to Morgan with a two round knockout. During this period, Napoles also became a fan favorite in southern California, and, after beating Fate Davis, on February 15 of 1969 in Mexico, he was given an opportunity to win the world championship when he faced the current champion Curtis Cokes in Inglewood, on April 18. Napoles beat Cokes by a knockout in round 13 to become world welterweight champion, and, as was becoming common place for him, he wore a sombrero after the fight. On June 29, he retained the title in a rematch with Cokes by a knockout in round 10 in his hometown of Mexico City, and on October 12, he outpointed former world champion Emile Griffith in 15, also retaining the title.
Loss of title
Napoles began the 1970s, by defeating Ernie "Indian Red" Lopez by a knockout in round 15 in front of an audience that included former world champion Sugar Ray Robinson on February 14, 1970. But after winning two non title bouts, he suffered an upset when he was stopped due to being cut in four rounds by Carmen Basilio's nephew Billy Backus, who took the world's Welterweight title from Napoles on December 3 in Syracuse.