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                  WILLIE PEP 12 fights on 3 boxing DVD
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Willie Pep vs Savoie (HL)
Willie Pep vs Chavez
Willie Pep vs Cam (HL)
WILLIE PEP 12 fights on 3 boxing DVD
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Fights Boxing DVD 3
Willie Pep Documentary
Willie Pep Documentary
Willie Pep Interview
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Willie Pep vs Saddler IV (HL)
Willie Pep vs Walton
Willie Pep vs Mcallister
Guglielmo Papaleo (September 19, 1922 - November 23, 2006) was an American professional boxer, better known as Willie Pep who held the World Featherweight championship twice between the years of 1947 and 1950. Pep boxed a total of 1,956 rounds in the 241 bouts during his 26 year career, a considerable number of rounds and bouts even for a fighter of his era. His final record was 229-11-1 with 65 knockouts. Pep, known for his speed, finess and elusiveness, is considered to be one of the best fighers of the 20th century and was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990. Pep was voted as the #1 featherweight of the 20th Century by the Associated press and ranked the #1 featherweight of all-time by the International Boxing Research Organization in 2005.
Boxing career
Amateur career
Pep first fought as an amateur in 1937. At the time, amateur boxers from Connecticut were allowed to fight for money. It was during the Great Depresssion hit and Pep's father was earning $15 per week at the Works Progress Administration. Willie was soon earning more in one night of fighting each week. When his parents found out he was boxing, his mother was worried for him, but his father said that if he was making so much fighting on Fridays, maybe he should see about fighting on Tuesdays as well. "My old man, he was a sports fan" Pep later quipped.
In 1938 Pep fought Sugar Ray Robinson in the attic of a feed store in Norwich, CT. Outweighing Pep nearly 130 to 105, the bigger Robinson won by decision. According to Pep's later telling, Robinson was an amater champion in the state of New York, where amateurs were not paid, so he took a pseudonym to get bouts for money in Connecticut. Because of this, Pep did not know who he was fighting at the time. Before the fight he was told his unknown opponent was not good, but he recalls quickly learning otherwise once the bout began and Robinson was "all over me."
Professional career
Pep started boxing professionally on July 10, 1940, beating James McGovern by a decision in four rounds in Hartford, Connecticut. Like many boxers of the first half of the 20th century, Pep concentrated his early fighting career on boxing in New England, and he split his first 25 contest between Connecticut and Massachusetts. He was undefeated during that span and for fight number 26, he finally headed 'west,' beating Eddie Flores by a knockout in the first round at Thompsonville, Michigan. A couple of fights later, he travelled further west and made his California debut, beating Billy Spencer by a decision in four at Los Angeles.
By the time Pep stepped up his quality of opposition, when he met world title challenger Joey Archibald in 1942, Pep was already 41-0. He beat Archibald by a decision in ten rounds and, in his next bout, challenged Abe Denner for the New England area featherweight title. He won the fight by a decision in 12, and his status among the world's top featherweights kept on rising. He won ten more bouts to reach 52-0, including a rematch win over Archibald, before he was given his first world championship try in October. He became the World Featherweight Champion by outpointing the defending world champ Chalky Wright over the 15 round distance. He fought twice more to finish the year, winning both by knockout.
Pep began 1943 by winning six bouts in a row to find himself with a record of 62-0. But in his seventh bout of 1943, he suffered his first defeat, at the hands of Sammy Angott, another world champion boxer. Angott beat Pep over the ten round distance, by decision. Ten days later, Pep was back in the ring, beating Bobby McIntyre by a decision. He closed 1943 winning five fights in a row, including two over future world champion Sal Bartolo and one over Jackie Wilson. The second win over Bartolo was in a defense of the world title.
1944 was a very good year for Pep. He won all 16 of his bouts that year, including wins over World Bantamweight Champions Willie Joyce and Manuel Ortiz. He fought and beat Wright two more times, with Pep's featherweight title on the line once. He also made his first fight abroad, beating fringe contender Jackie Lemus in Canada.
Willie Pep vs Famechon (HL)
Willie Pep vs Saddler III (HL)
Willie Pep vs Cadilli I
Willie Pep vs Perez
Willie Pep vs Cadilli II
Willie Pep vs Lennon