Pipino Cuevas 20 Career Boxing Fights On 4 DVDs With Motion Menus
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                 PIPINO CUEVAS 20 fights on 4 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Pipino Cuevas vs Oropeza
Pipino Cuevas vs Cruz
Pipino Cuevas vs Palacios
Pipino Cuevas vs Espada I
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PIPINO CUEVAS 20 fights on 4 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 4
Pipino Cuevas vs Hearns
Pipino Cuevas vs Hansen
Pipino Cuevas vs Duran
Pipino Cuevas vs Bravo
Pipino Cuevas vs Hwang
Pipino Cuevas vs Montes
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Pipino Cuevas vs Baca
Pipino Cuevas vs Campanino
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Pipino Cuevas vs Backus
Pipino Cuevas vs Ranzany
Pipino Cuevas
Following a brief amateur career, Cuevas turned pro while he was still a teenager. He was raised in Mexico City, Mexico among a boxing family.
Although he carried knockout capabilities in either hand, Cuevas was known for his explosive left hook. He captured the Mexican welterweight title in 1975. Following a decision loss to Andy Price, he was matched with Angel Espada for the WBA title in July 1976. Only 18, Cuevas scored an impressive 2nd round TKO for the title to begin a spectacular reign that eventually included 11 successful defenses over the likes of Harold Weston, Randy Shields, and Clyde Gray.
Pipino Cuevas had inspired awe during his reign as the WBA welterweight champion of the world, breaking jaws and ribs as he knocked out a long list of contenders and former champions, including Angel Espada, Randy Shields, Harold Weston and Pete Ranzany. But he had since been humbled by Thomas Hearns and in 1981 fight fans were shocked when unknown Roger Stafford beat him by unanimous decision.
Cuevas vs. Duran
From the start this was a take-no-prisoners, macho showdown, both warriors starting fast and throwing shots with bad intentions. Cuevas stalked behind his vaunted left hook, landing it to both head and body; though Duran was never hurt and got home a couple of sharp right hands, Cuevas won the first round. In the second Roberto began to establish his jab and find his timing while making it clear to all that Pipino's power did not faze him. The supposedly washed up Duran had taken Pipino's best shots and instead of wilting or backing off, he was coming forward and firing back. At the end of the second he landed some vicious body punches.
In the third, the Panamanian assumed complete control as a thrilling toe-to-toe exchange saw Duran rattle his foe with a left hook. Cuevas recovered but then a right uppercut buckled his knees. To the surprise of many, a 31 year old former lightweight was both the more resilient and powerful fighter against a natural welterweight.
And like the Duran of old, Roberto did not let his wounded quarry escape. In round four he came forward fearlessly, putting his punches together and a thudding right to the jaw turned the legs of Cuevas into rubber. Roberto's follow-up attack drove Pipino into a corner, only the turnbuckle preventing him from hitting the canvas. The referee credited Duran with a knockdown and gave the Mexican the eight count before signaling for the action to resume. The moment he did Roberto pounced, unleashing a series of combinations that left Cuevas on the floor again. Pipino bravely struggled to his feet only to see his manager, Lupe Sanchez, step through the ropes and signal surrender.
Pipino Cuevas vs Gray
Pipino Cuevas vs Espada II
Pipino Cuevas vs Weston
Pipino Cuevas vs Clarke
Pipino Cuevas vs Shields
Pipino Cuevas vs Volbrecht