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              MIKE WEAVER 14 fights on 5 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Mike Weaver vs Holmes I
Mike Weaver vs Tate
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MIKE WEAVER 14 fights on 5 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 5
Mike Weaver vs Smith II
Mike Weaver vs Lewis
Mike Weaver vs Holmes II
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Mike Weaver vs Coetzee
Mike Weaver vs Tillis
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Mike Weaver vs Dokes I
Mike Weaver vs Dokes II
Mike Weaver vs Anthony
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Mike Weaver vs Thomas
Mike Weaver vs Williams
Mike Weaver vs Smith I
Mike Weaver vs Brown
Michael Dwayne Weaver (born June 13, 1951) is an American former professional boxer. Weaver fought in the heavyweight division, and is a former WBA world heavyweight champion.
Weaver was a United States Marine Corps member from 1968 to 71, and went to Vietnam, and during this time got into amateur boxing and training. He notably fought Duane Bobick, a future amateur star out of the Navy. In a fight where both men were down, Weaver was outpointed.
Early pro career
By 1972 Weaver was living and training in California, and took up professional boxing. In his early career, Weaver was considered a journeyman opponent. He was frequently brought in on short notice and overmatched against more experienced and developed contenders, and used as a sparring partner for Muhammad Ali and Ken Norton, who famoulsly nicknamed him "Hercules" do to his top developed muscle definition.
However, after a few losses early on to tough fringe conteders like Howard Smith and even to journeyman Larry Frazier, Weaver showed signs of improvement. He fought both Bobick brothers, losing a debatable 10 round decision to Rodney, and being stopped on a cut in the 7th to old amateur rival Duane but after decking him.
In 1976 Weaver beat well regarded veteran Jody Ballard, and in 1978 lost two close decisions. First to contender Stan Ward for the California State Heavyweight title, and then to Leroy Jones for the NABF heavyweight title.
In late 1978 Weaver got a new team and manager and reeled off five straight knockouts, two of which came over top ranked opponents. In October 1978 he came off the floor to knockout hard hitting Colombian Bernardo Mercado in 5, and in January 1979 knocked out hulking old foe Stan Ward in 9 to win the USBA heavyweight title.
World title challenge to Larry Holmes
These wins helped get him a high profile World title fight with reigning and undefeated WBC champion Larry Holmes in New York's Madison Square Garden in June 1979. New cable channel HBO bought the rights to the fight as Weaver was so lowly-regarded the fight was seen as a mismatch and the networks didn't want anything to do with it (Weaver was 20-8 to Holmes' 30-0).
But Weaver proved far better than expected, however, and gave Holmes a really tough battle. Finally Holmes would rally with that great champion reserve by decking Weaver with a sharp uppercut in the 11th and stopping him on his feet in the 12th.
USBA belt contest
Although Weaver had lost, his surprise showing had made him a deserved high profile name. Later in the year he was back, retaining his USBA belt with a 12 round decision over Scott LeDoux whom he outboxed rather than slugged with.
WBA heavyweight champion
In March 1980 he fought John tate for the WBA title, in Tate's backyard of Knoxville, Tennessee. Tate was an amateur star from the 1976 Olympic team. As a pro he had put together a 20-0 record and won the vacant WBA title by decisioning South African Gerrie Coetzee over fifteen rounds, in front of 86,000 hostile fans in Pretoria, South Africa.
Weaver vs Tate produced one of the divisions finest knockouts ever. The giant taller Tate dominated Weaver for all the first 10 rounds. But then with sheer determination a battered Weaver suddenly turned it around, pushing Tate backward. But he'd left it 'too late?' noted the commentator, as only 5 rounds remained and Tate was expected to resume his lead. However, with only 40 seconds left in the 15th round, Weaver caught Tate bouncing off the ropes towards him with a truly lethal left hook.