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              DONALD CURRY 25 fights on 7 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Donald Curry vs Ramsey
Donald Curry vs Finch
Donald Curry vs Viruet
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DONALD CURRY 25 fights on 7 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 7
Donald Curry vs Nunn
Donald Curry vs Norris
Donald Curry vs Linton
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Donald Curry vs Starling I
Donald Curry vs Hwang
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Donald Curry vs Stafford
Donald Curry vs Starling II
Donald Curry vs Diaz
Donald Curry vs La Rocca
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Donald Curry vs Jones
Donald Curry vs Green
Donald Curry vs Baez
Donald Curry vs McCrory
Donald Curry vs Honeyghan
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Donald Curry vs Montgomery
Donald Curry vs Santos
Donald Curry vs McCallum
Donald Curry vs Aquino (HL)
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Donald Curry vs Rosi (HL)
Donald Curry vs Jaquot
Donald Curry vs Lally
Donald Curry vs Martinez
Donald Curry
Oddsmakers considered Curry vs Honeyghan to be such a mismatch that some would not offer a betting line. However, Honeyghan came into the fight with great confidence and bet $5000 on himself at 5-1 odds. “I want people to know how much I believe in myself,” he said. “I can’t wait to start punching Curry on the head. I’m going to smash his face in.”
Honeyghan easily won the opening two rounds, pressuring Curry and rocking him badly in the second round. Curry came back to win the next two rounds, but he had little left after that. He was drained from struggling to make weight having to lose 11 pounds three days before the fights. “I was weak and sluggish. I had no strength in my legs, and my timing just wasn’t there. I wasn’t myself,” Curry said after the fight. “I won’t fight as a welterweight again.”
Akbar Muhammad said Curry weighted 168 pounds six and a half weeks prior to the fight, before he went to New Orleans to train. Then his grandfather’s death caused the fighter to lose concentration. “His weight went up to 157, 158. He told me, ‘I don’t think I can make the weight.’ He wanted to pull out of the fight,” 0Muhammad said. “I told him he was a professional and had an obligation to meet.”
Honeyghan manhandled Curry in rounds five and six. Late in the sixth, an accidental headbutt opened a bad cut over Curry’s left eye. Returning to his corner after the sixth, with blood flowing down his face, Curry shook his head and was heard to tell his corner, “I’m through.” Ringside physicians Frank Doggett and Paul Williams examined the cut after the sixth round and told referee Octavio Meyran to stop the fight, giving Honeyghan a TKO victory. The Ring magazine named the fight Upset of the Year.
Move up in weight
After losing to Honeyghan, Curry moved up to the light middleweight division.
Curry defeated Tony Montgomery to win the USBA light middleweight title on February 7, 1987. Montgomery was disqualified in the fifth round for intentional headbutts. Curry’s next opponent, former IBF light middleweight champion Carlos Santo, was also disqualified in the fifth round for intentional headbutts.
On April 6, 1987, the day Sugar Ray Leonard defeated Marvelous Marvin Hagler for the world middleweight championship and two days after defeating Santos, Curry filed a million dollar lawsuit against Leonard and his attorney, Mike Trainer. The suit stated that Leonard and Trainer took “undue and unconscionable advantage of Curry” through fraud, conspiracy and breach of financial responsibilities, and they “conspired to prevent Curry from entering the middleweight divisions to assure Leonard’s unobstructed opportunity to fight the middleweight champion”.