Shane Mosley 32 Career Boxing Fights On 19 DVDs With Motion Menus
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          SHANE MOSLEY 32 fights on 19 boxing DVDs
Fights Boxing DVD 1
Shane Mosley vs Johnston
Shane Mosley vs Felix
Shane Mosley vs Ceballos
Shane Mosley vs Molina
Shane Mosley vs Ruiz
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SHANE MOSLEY 32 fights on 19 boxing DVDS
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Fights Boxing DVD 14
Shane Mosley vs Mayweather Jr. 24/7
Fights Boxing DVD 4
Shane Mosley vs Diaz
Shane Mosley vs Taylor
Shane Mosley vs Stone
Fights Boxing DVD 8
Shane Mosley vs Estrada
Shane Mosley vs Cruz
Fights Boxing DVD 2
Shane Mosley vs Leija
Shane Mosley vs Johnson
Shane Mosley vs Brown
Fights Boxing DVD 6
Shane Mosley vs Marquez
Shane Mosley vs De La Hoya II
Fights Boxing DVD 10
Shane Mosley vs Collazo
Fights Boxing DVD 12
Shane Mosley vs Mayorga
Fights Boxing DVD 3
Shane Mosley vs Rivera
Shane Mosley vs Wise
Shane Mosley vs De La Hoya I
Fights Boxing DVD 5
Shane Mosley vs Forest I
Shane Mosley vs Forest II
Fights Boxing DVD 7
Shane Mosley vs Wright I
Shane Mosley vs Wright II
Fights Boxing DVD 9
Shane Mosley vs Vargas I
Shane Mosley vs Vargas II
Fights Boxing DVD 11
Shane Mosley vs Cotto
Fights Boxing DVD 13
Shane Mosley vs Margarito
Fights Boxing DVD 18
Shane Mosley vs Pacquiao
Fights Boxing DVD 15
Shane Mosley vs Mayweather Jr.
Fights Boxing DVD 16
Shane Mosley vs Mora
Fights Boxing DVD 17
Shane Mosley vs Pacquiao 360
Fights Boxing DVD 19
Shane Mosley vs Alvarez
Shane Andre Mosley (born September 7, 1971), often known as "Sugar" Shane Mosley, is an American professional boxer. He is a former three-weight world champion, having held the IBF lightweight title, the WBC and WBA (Super) welterweight titles, as well as the WBC, WBA (Super) and The Ring magazine light middleweight titles. He is also a former lineal champion at welterweight (twice) and light middleweight.
In 1998, the Boxing writers Association of America selected Mosley as their Fighter of the Year. He was also given the same honor by the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2000. In 2000 and 2001 he was named the pound for pound best fighter in the world by The Ring.
Mosley has fought and defeated some of the most recognizable names in the sport including Oscar De La Hoya (twice), Fernando Vargas, Ricardo Mayorga (twice), and Antonio Margarito. He has also faced several former champions in Miguel Cotto, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Manny Pacquiao, and Saul Alvarez.
Early years
Mosley was born in Lynwood, California and raised in Pomona, California. He has two older sisters, Venus and Cerena. Mosley became interested in boxing after watching his father, Jack, box in street fights. Mosley has been trained and managed by his father since the age of eight.
Amateur career
Mosley was an amateur standout, capturing various amateur titles, including:
- 1989 United States Amateur Champion at Lightweight 132 lb
- 1989 World Junior Championships Silver Medalist in San Juan, Puerto Rico 132 lb
- 1990 United States Amateur Champion at Lightweight 132 lb
- 1990 Goodwill Games Bronze Medalist in Seattle (USA) 132 lb
- 1992 United States Amateur Champion at Light Welterweight 139 lb
Professional career
Mosley would make two more defenses of his title at lightweight, stopping both Golden Johnson and John Brown, before relinquishing his titles and moving up twelve pounds in weight to welterweight. He scored two consecutive knockouts, setting up a huge fight against Oscar de la Hoya for the WBC welterweight title.
De La Hoya vs Mosley
On June 17, 2000, Mosley met De La Hoya in Los Angeles for the WBC & vacant Lineal welterweight titles. After twelve rounds, Mosley emerged with a split decision victory. During the fight, neither man was in danger of going down, but both had badly swollen faces at the end and De La Hoya was bleeding from the nose for several rounds. Mosley earned a minimum of $15 million, while De La Hoya was guaranteed $35 million.
Light middleweight
On February 8, 2003, Mosley's bout with former IBF light middleweight title holder Raul Marquez ended in a no contest when Mosley accidentally head butted Marquez twice in round three, which caused two very bad cuts above the eyes of Marquez.
De La Hoya vs Mosley II
Mosley and De La Hoya faced each other for the second time on September 13, this time with De La Hoya's Lineal, The Ring, WBC, WBA light middleweight championships on the line. Mosley defeated De La Hoya by a controversial 12 round unanimous decision and joined the exclusive group of world boxing champions that have reigned in three or more divisions. Many fans had Oscar easily beating Mosley in this rematch but judges scored it differently regardless of De La Hoya landing over 100 more punches. Mosley testified in 2003 that he injected himself with the notorious doping agent EPO as he prepared for his light middleweight title fight against Oscar De La Hoya, according to grand jury transcripts and doping calendars.